Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) right from data ingestion to insights generation to the delivery of transformative results across all dimensions.

The RESUL AI & ML framework

The scale and complexity of real-time, omnichannel marketing demand a new AI & ML backbone. With forty-three advanced models, RESUL is always optimizing its AI-powered processing capabilities. To optimize performance, model training and creation are kept in the background, separating them from model usage and execution.

AI and ML framework
Where is it used?

RESUL applies its deduplication algorithms to batch and streaming data alike to ensure its quality before ingestion. It applies custom-built identity resolution and profile completeness models to identify unknown, known, and identified audiences—all while augmenting individual profiles received with the help of various data sources, communications, and campaigns.

Leverage segment-of-one, B2B/B2C lead scoring ML models to enhance your targeting efforts. Apply segment clustering and look alike audience modeling to unearth valuable new audiences for greater reach and impact.

Match the right offer and communications, and promotions with the right audience through RESUL's next-best experience management engagement and promo recommender. Contextualize entire experiences based on individual time, channel, content, and offer propensities to move your audience towards conversion and loyalty.

Utilize AI-powered orchestration feature to map out entire omnichannel journeys based on past campaigns and real-time interaction insights. Also, take advantage of models for subject line and text analysis to assess the quality of content used in your campaigns.

With various attribution, ROI, and budget simulation models, be reassured of the returns on your campaigns and discover the necessary actions you should take to optimize your campaign ROI.

Set the right target ranges and goals for your upcoming campaign efforts based on campaign and product type to avoid adopting skewed performance metrics. Compare your campaign’s performance against both subscribed third-party and RESUL's own industry benchmark data.

Combine metrics from across multiple channels with robust models that deliver insights on brand health, awareness, and affinity. Analyze all possible audience paths across touch points to pinpoint where conversions occurred. Assess individual customer lifetime values based on individual ROI, attribution, and the predicted length of your relationship.

The RESUL AI & ML impact

Impactful Marketing Optimization

Optimize the who, what, when, where, and how of communications based on past interactions and real-time insights, so you can minimize waste and maximize ROI.

Streamline Powerful Omnichannel Marketing

With AI models embedded in every facet of the solution, RESUL helps you build razor-sharp segments, target dynamically, orchestrate in context, and engage relevantly.

Go beyond Reports with Comprehensive Analytics

Go beyond reach, engagement, and conversion. Tap into a wide range of valuable analytics like content tips, individualized audience insights, campaign recommendations, and more.

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