Digital Assistant Marketing

Weave contextual marketing intelligence into all consumer conversations.
Drive conversion with every voice interaction.

Leverage the Power of Voice Assistants and Chatbots

Facilitate Contextual, Seamless Engagement

Process individual conversations to drive contextual responses and actions in real-time through close-to-human interactions.

True Omnichannel Campaigns

Bridge the offline and online marketing gap by integrating with chatbots, mobile voice assistants, and smart speakers like Google Home and Alexa to enable true omnichannel campaigns at home and on the go.

Distill individual Conversational Intelligence

With RESUL's big-data backbone and AI and machine learning models, you can amalgamate vast amounts of data, study interactions across all voice touch points, infuse your marketing efforts with powerful conversational intelligence.

Key Capability
Smart Speakers Icon

Smart speakers

RESUL plugs into leading smart speakers like Alexa, Bixby, Siri, and Cortana to facilitate transactions, trigger personalized reminders, deliver personalized offers, and enable continuous conversations.

Additional Features
Transform Customer Experience with Digital Assistant Marketing.

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