Connecting Offline and Online

Bridge the offline-online gap to continue relevant engagement and facilitate seamless audience journeys.

Connect Offline to Online with QR Codes

Dao, a prospective health insurance plan customer, comes across a Vision Insurance ad on a lifestyle magazine.

“I read an article on the rise of stress-related illnesses. I should probably apply for health insurance.”

Dao Icon
Scans the QR code Case use

Dao is interested in the offer and scans the QR code, which redirects him to the Vision Insurance website.

Registers for an account Use case

He registers for an account and gets an instant health insurance quote on the website, but does not purchase the plan.

Receives a notification Use case

Later that day, while browsing the internet, he receives a notification from Vision Insurance reminding him to complete the transaction.

Clicks on the link and completes Use case

He clicks on the link and completes the health insurance purchase with the offer.

Receives a confirmation SMS Use case

He receives a confirmation SMS with a Smart Link to view his policy document inside the mobile app.

Clicks on the link and downloads Use case

He clicks on the link and downloads the app. After log-in, he is automatically redirected to the policy document.

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