Dynamic Offer Management

Deliver contextually relevant offers on the right channel at the right time based on the individual audience member's behavior, location, propensities, and more.

Offer Management Using Digital Voice Assistants

Olivia, a fashionista and a Vision Cosmetics customer, uses her voice assistant frequently to order makeup online.

“I’m running out of lipstick and eyeliner. I should probably order new ones soon.”

Sam Olivia Icon
Place an order online Use case

Olivia asks her voice assistant (VA) to place an order online for some of her favorite cosmetics from Vision Cosmetics.

Olivia would like to redeem Use case

VA asks if Olivia would like to redeem Vision's special birthday month offer when purchasing.

Complete the transaction Use case

Olivia approves the order and receives an app notification from Vision Cosmetics to complete the transaction.

She refers three people Use case

Upon completing the transaction, the VA tells Olivia that Vision cosmetics offers free lipstick samples if she refers three people from her contacts.

Receives an SMS notification Use case

Once she refers her contacts, Olivia receives an SMS notification that her order has been shipped along with the lipstick samples.

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