At every step of the way, RESUL empowers your digital transformation with a powerful integrated solution, advanced capabilities, and attentive support to accelerate revenue growth and boost ROI.

A Holistic Solution for Digital Transformation

Say goodbye to modular offerings, point solutions, and patched up answers. See true transformation in action. RESUL is truly holistic and integrated, built from the ground up with the right scalable data foundation, security architecture, and analytical capabilities. It helps you orchestrate, coordinate, optimize, and analyze ever more relevant marketing efforts in a seamless manner.

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Accelerate Growth with a Powerful Data Foundation.

RESUL begins in data. Our scalable, integrated audience data management platform helps you integrate, transform, augment, and activate valuable audience information from every touchpoint and any source. This data foundation continuously enhances capabilities across the platform, empowering you to turn unified insights into highly targeted, seamless, and real-time engagement that accelerates top-line growth.

A Singular, Unified Customer view

Dig deeper than target segments to gain a unified, 360° view of the individual customer. Unearth their propensities, lifetime value, and lead score based on a multitude of factors. Use all the insights available to maximize impact at every interaction by moving from personalization to individualization.

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Realize ROI Across Multiple Dimensions.

Deploy RESUL's innovative technology enablers like the Smart Duo to track each customer’s omnichannel journey, from the first interaction to brand loyalty. Pinpoint where and when conversions occur. Measure revenue contributions at the segment-of-one level. Identify ROI on various dimensions—campaign, channel, individual audience, next best offer, brand or product roll up, location, and last-mile associates.

  • Campaign

    Discover the ROI of every marketing automation campaigns.

  • Channel Icon


    Know each channel's impact on your revenue growth and identify the best-performing channels.

  • Individual Audience

    Stay updated on the evolving value and ROI of every customer across interactions and campaigns from first encounter to conversion to loyalty.

  • Next-best Offer

    Deliver individualized offers based on past interactions and transaction history.

  • Brand or Product rollup

    Monitor the sales impact and ROI of your marketing communications across your brands and product categories.

  • Location

    Tap into just-in-time ROI insights on every location, city, region, and more.

  • Last-mile Associate

    Assess the specific ROIs of marketing communications by individual last-mile associates and partners across your B2B2B or B2B2C network.

Fastest Time to Value in the Industry

With its highly intuitive interface, significantly reduced onboarding time, comprehensive training, and expert guidance at every step of the implementation process, RESUL allows you to experience the impact of seamless customer engagement with amazing speed.

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Gain Efficiency and Scalability at once.

RESUL scales based on your usage with no limit to its potential, accommodating bulk data ingestion, streaming transactions, real-time event processing, and the volume of omnichannel communications. Eliminate wasteful spending by optimizing the when, where, what, and how of omnichannel engagement through a holistic solution rather than siloed systems.

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Total Security and Compliance

Whether you’re a cloud-first business or a highly regulated enterprise with strict data security requirements, RESUL helps you ensure uncompromised security and privacy across data, application, system, and infrastructure with its proprietary security architecture and global certifications.

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Total Security And Compliance Icon
Total Security And Compliance Icon
Total Security And Compliance Icon
Total Security And Compliance Icon
Total Security And Compliance Icon
Total Security And Compliance Icon
Dedicated Global Support at Your Command

Our global team of experienced experts—marketers, technologists, and customer success professionals—are on call every day of the year, every hour of the day. From customized solutions to expert insights to on-demand problem solving, we promise an experience nothing short of exceptional.

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