Data Analytics Setup

Assess omnichannel campaign performance by incorporating
diverse customizable analytics from a single interface.

Harness Web and App Analytics seamlessly

Integrate with third-party web and app analytics tools to get insights and track conversions from a single platform. Configure multiple URLs, domains, and app screens for every campaign to gather the strategic intelligence you need.

Activate Mobile Conversion Mapping

Streamline conversion mapping at the most granular level for mobile apps with RESUL. Simply open your brand app, shake your phone to synchronize your app screen with the solution, and map out conversion events you want to track—without any IT intervention.

Measure and Quantify Video and Webinar Conversions

Access complex video audience analytics from YouTube and Vimeo including minutes watched, subscribers gained, views, likes, shares, and more. Gain accurate conversion insights by tracking specific video consumption durations. Seamlessly integrate with webinar platforms to monitor attendance records.

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Tap Into Actionable Sentiment Analytics Icon
Tap into Actionable Sentiment Analytics

Set up profiles with associated keywords and topics to monitor during your campaign and track the number of mentions on selected channels. With its AI and machine learning algorithms, RESUL analyzes how audience members feel about your brand, products, and campaigns to develop valuable sentiment insights, facilitate relevant targeting efforts, and contextualize communications across channels.

Combine Analytics across the entire Omnichannel Journey

By configuring RESUL to connect with other channels and service providers across email, SMS, third-party messaging, and social media, you can set up analytics that distill insights across the entire omnichannel journey. This enables accurate campaign ROI attribution, augments audience members' profiles, and contextualizes interactions accordingly.

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Unlock Actionable Analytics with RESUL.

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