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Accelerate revenue growth with individualized product recommendations.

The RESUL impact

Optimize Product Reach, Engagement, and Conversion

By recommending the right product at the right place and time, RESUL helps each customer get to what they need in minimum time, eliminates any unnecessary lag in their journey towards conversion, and maximizes your campaign ROI.

Effortlessly Cross-sell and Upsell at Scale

To ensure the precision of your cross- and up-selling efforts, RESUL identifies the right products to recommend for each individual based on their evolving profile and behavior—past purchases, browsing history, propensities, and more.

Personalize Merchandise Management Automation

Tailor the browsing experience with products, offers, and interactions specific to each individual through AI-driven merchandising. Automate the display of relevant categories, like “frequently bought together,” and “popular now”—according to advanced segmentation and AI-derived attributes.

Always Recommend what Delivers the Best Outcomes

Seamless Integration with Brand-defined recommendations

RESUL provides the flexibility to accommodate rule-based recommendation models from the brand through API integration and incorporate existing product catalogues into campaign communications.

Weave Product Recommendations into Omnichannel Engagement

Easily include relevant product recommendations in your omnichannel marketing campaigns and embed them in a wide range of touch points to seamlessly engage your audience, wherever and whenever.

Increase your Reach with Lookalike Targeting

RESUL's lookalike targeting capability examines your database to create an audience similar to your target segment, maximize reach, and boost potential conversions. 

Optimize Delivery for more Conversions

Align the delivery of product recommendations with each audience member’s channel, time, and content propensities as well as past behavior, demographics, and more for optimal engagement and conversion. To avoid repetition, RESUL also automatically stops showing recommendations to your audience once they purchase the products.

Activate your Omnichannel Marketing transformation with RESUL.

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