Mobile Messaging

Engage your audience on the go with personalized, contextually meaningful communications through messaging apps, SMS, and MMS.


Say more with less. Keep your audience engaged and interested with personalized SMS and MMS messages delivered at just the right time.

Deliver Seamless, Personalized Mobile interactions

Versatile and Effective

From content to offers to invitations and more, reach your audiences with short and targeted messages of the right type to boost engagement, conversion, and ROI.

ROI and Conversion Attribution

Go beyond just delivery, open, and engagement rates to understand real conversions and attribute the ROI contributions of your SMS and MMS communications.

Reach, Content, and Cost Optimization

With individual propensities, auto-scrubbing , deduping, and DND filtration of recipients, RESUL empowers you to optimize the reach, impact, and cost effectiveness of every SMS or MMS message.

Transforming the Business of Mobile Messaging Communications
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Std SMS throughput in less than an hour

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Avg. SMS per high volume campaign

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Avg. campaigns per day per large account

Key Capabilities
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Flash Message

Deliver flash messages that pop up on mobile screens to catch your audience members’ attention without congesting their inboxes.

Mobile offer

Message general and individualized offer codes to your audience members based on their past behavior and propensities, as well as on real-time insights gained.

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DND Scrubbing

RESUL automatically removes all contacts that had erroneous mobile numbers or switched on DND in the past from future SMS campaign communications to reduce wasteful spending. You can also choose to scrub audiences that have opted out, unsubscribed, or blacklisted your communications to avoid damaging brand reputation.

Third-party Messaging Apps

Engage in individually relevant, continuous conversations with your audience on popular mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, and LINE.

Deliver Seamless, Personalized Mobile Interactions
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Orchestrate and Analyze Seamless Conversations

RESUL makes it easy to build, deliver, and analyze continuous, individualized conversations with your audience members as they move across multiple messaging apps and other touch points.

Leave no Audience Behind

Interact with active audience members across their preferred touch points and in real time, or re-engage dormant contacts across newer channels where they may have become more active.

Trigger Relevant Communications

Respond in context with relevant communications to single contacts or groups based on what’s enabled with the messaging apps.

Key Capabilities
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Individualize your message content for each audience member, based on brand-defined personalization attributes such as name, salutation, and more.

Transform your Omnichannel Marketing with RESUL.

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