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Experience seamless data gathering, contextual responses, and in-depth form insights.

Craft the Exact Form you need

With RESUL's drag-and-drop native form builder, create a variety of forms, and tweak every detail—such as text, form color, fields, buttons, and more. Pick from multiple field options such as text entry, drop-down, radio button, checkbox, file upload, calendar, and participant referral to gather the information your team needs.

Customize data capture preferences for each form by choosing to either overwrite existing records with newly captured information or retaining them.

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Manage and Activate with total ease

Manage all forms in a few clicks in one centralized form library. To start collecting data, simply embed the form codes into your webpages, or include the form URLs embedded in Smart Links in the communications for relevant channels. Send tailored follow-up communications to audience members depending on whether they have filled, partially filled, or not filled a particular form.

Acquire Valuable Customer details Faster with Progressive Profiling

RESUL not only prepopulates known details for returning individuals but also autosaves entries so visitors can easily pick up where they left off. Determine the exact number of visible fields per submission to capture information in a staggered manner and avoid overwhelming your audiences.

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Extend RESUL Capabilities to your Own Forms

RESUL extends its native form features to the brand-owned forms. Just connect to existing forms via our shortcode and let RESUL directly ingest form data into its CDP. This ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of continuous data augmentation, progressive profiling, and contextualized interactions—for all forms.

Dive into detailed Form Analytics

Explore your form performances and data collection progresses in depth. Pinpoint each form’s reach, engagement, conversion, traffic sources, total and unique submissions, goal conversion rate, and so many other valuable metrics.

Break down submissions by channel source, browser type, and campaign. Get form and submission insights on specific channels and landing pages. With the progressive profile report, monitor the number of individuals who have shared a specific detail during each visit.

Drill down to the segment-of-one and analyze submitted details per individual audience member—while avoiding unwanted exposure thanks to RESUL's rigorous user permission management features.

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See True Omnichannel, Real-time Marketing Automation in action.

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