Platform Support

Overcome issues large and small with tiered support services designed to meet your needs.

Quick, Easy Answers with Standard Support

Get the help you need through our Customer Assist portal, email, and more. Access different levels of support services to answer your queries, optimize campaign operations, and improve platform performance at the server, database, or infrastructure level.

Explore the three types of support we offer

Self-learning through guides, manuals, videos, other online resources, and FAQs

Help-desk support for clarifications, authentication, and system access issues

Trouble-shooting help from engineers on platform, infrastructure, connectivity, or system server issues

Additional support to meet special challenges Icon
Additional Support to Meet Special Challenges

When circumstances require additional support—for large-scale campaigns during peak seasons for instance—RESUL experts stand ready to implement module modifications, reconfigure data integrations, and roll out custom platform enhancements based on your special requirements.

Dedicated Services through Premium Support

Turn to premier support when you require especially expedited assistance, dedicated service, and faster response time. 

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Explore how RESUL can Solve your Unique Marketing Transformation Challenges.

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