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We Understand your Challenges
  • Declining or Flat Growth in ARPU

    While identifying opportunities for cross-selling and upselling at scale can boost ARPU and ROI, doing it can be challenging.

  • High Churn Rate

    Inconsistent brand experiences and siloed communications resulting in low levels of engagement and increasing churn rates.

  • Managing the Data Deluge

    The challenge of managing increasing volumes of data from constantly proliferating sources make deeper insights and more relevant engagement difficult or even impossible.

Solutions Tailored to the Telecom Industry
  • Audience Data Platform

  • Customer Engagement

  • Conversion Attribution

Audience Data Platform

Customer Engagement

Conversion Attribution

Audience Data Platform

Develop a single view of audience members by merging all prospect, lead, and customer data from every source—in-store POS, provisioning and billing systems, web, call centers, brand mobile apps, social media properties, and more.

Identify diverse buying personas across different operating segments—retail, enterprise, mobile voice, SMS, broadband, internet services, digital services, fixed phone, and pay TV.

Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities, provide tailored services, and boost satisfaction by categorizing customers as priority segments by consolidating demographic, psychographic, transactional, and APRU data.

Extend your reach with AI-driven look-alike targeting that uncovers new potential audiences that resemble existing customer segments.

Run targeted, sustained campaigns; deliver new offer recommendations; and prevent churn by analyzing evolving, individual usage trends and catching non-usage signals early with behavioral analysis.

Safeguard the privacy of consumer data with RESUL’s multiple layers of robust protections. Maintain the integrity of business unit database by keeping storage at the account level. RESUL is accredited by the Privacy Shields Framework and is GDPR/HIPA/CCPA-compliant.

Customer Engagement

Consistent Omnichannel Journey

Deliver consistent experiences across the full omnichannel journey for every customer—from awareness and consideration to conversion, retention, and win-back—whether they’re looking for a new offering or renewing an existing one.

Track Individual Journeys

Capture the attention of new audiences with the RESUL Smart Link by enhancing the effectiveness of social posts and paid ads. Use QR codes to track individual paths beyond the click or scan, online and offline.

Tailored Content Recommendations and Cascading Offers

Provide tailored content and product recommendations as well as cascading offers to educate leads, gauge their interest, and move them constantly towards conversion.

Keep your Active Customers Engaged

Keep active customers engaged with personalized offers and communications, for example, to mark special events or introduce new plans. Deliver timely top-up reminders and usage alerts to minimize customer inconvenience.

Trigger Contextual Communications

Trigger contextual, just-in-time reminders for payments, and renewals through the best touch point with RESUL’s Omnichannel Rules Engine.

Orchestrate Win-back Campaigns

Easily orchestrate win-back campaigns, including targeted campaigns, to re-engage inactive customers with the best possible mix of channel, time, and message.

Leveraging Emerging Touch Points

Ensure lasting connections with your telecom customers by interacting with them across voice assistants, IoT, and chatbots, and responding the moment they need it with relevant messaging.

Conversion Attribution

Pinpoint conversions with precise single- and multi-touch attribution and measure revenue contributions at the segment-of-one level. Tap into complete ROI insights at seven levels: campaign, individual audience, brand or product roll-up, offer, channel, location, and last-mile associates.


Individual Audience

Brand or Product roll up




Last-mile Associates

With the RESUL Smart Duo embedded into your communications and digital properties, you can access valuable metrics, including:

  • Churn Rate
  • Average Revenue Per User
  • Average Call Duration
  • Renewal and Retention Rate
  • Acquisition Cost Per Subscriber
  • Minutes of Usage
  • Subscribers Gained
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Age 28, Single

John is a Vision Telecom mobile customer and a frequent overseas business traveler.

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Age 47, Married with kids

Sean, a big sports fan and an existing Vision Telecom customer, just purchased a smart TV.

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