Push Notifications

Create, test, and deliver contextual web and mobile notifications based on real-time audience insights.

Stimulate Audience Engagement with Push Notifications

From Visitors to Customers

Turn every interaction with your brand into a conversion opportunity. Engage unknown and known visitors with contextual notifications throughout their omnichannel journeys.

Diverse Notification types

Engage your audience in real time across your digital properties. Speed up conversions by delivering a variety of notifications across webpages, mobile apps, wearables, Smart TVs, and more. Contextualize notifications based on individual audience behavior and preferences as well as on campaign objectives.

Boost Outreach

Maximize the possibility of reaching the right audience with advanced segmentation, multidimension campaign capabilities, propensity models, push amplification, and other powerful integrated features.

Step up Protections via Secure Messaging

Leverage the option of end-to-end communication encryption to terminate risks of scam, malicious information, and data theft.

Transforming the Business of Communications through Push Notifications

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Std mobile push notification throughput in less than 30 secs

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Avg. mobile app notifications per high volume campaign

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Key Capabilities
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Diverse Notification types

Push notifications

Engage your audience with personalized, time-bound alerts and rich push notifications delivered to their (mobile) web browser or desktop at just the right moment.

In-page overlays

Catch your audience members’ attention and drive them to action with in-page overlays as they browse your website.

Web inbox message

Deliver campaign messages to the customer’s web inbox and configure inbox categories based on your needs.

Push notifications

Capture audience attention with alert or rich push messages that are persistently displayed until the individual interacts with them.

In-app messages

Drive relevant audience actions with time-sensitive, relevant messages triggered by real-time behavior in the app.

App inbox messages

Motivate customers with individualized, contextually relevant messages they can read at their convenience. This allows you to target even those individuals who have opted out of receiving your communications.

Deepen Engagement with Carousel Notifications

Instead of bombarding your audience with a deluge of notifications and promotions, utilize RESUL's carousel notification for a far more effective and less burdensome alternative. With the carousel layout, combine up to four different pop-ups into one so each customer can scroll through one continuous notification—thus minimizing potential drop-offs and boosting engagement.

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Drag-and-drop in-app Content Injection

With RESUL, there will be less reliance on your IT team than ever. Build app screens and web content using RESUL's user-friendly template builder and inject them directly to your mobile app and webpages via the one-line SDK.

DND Scrubbing

RESUL automatically removes all contacts that had erroneous mobile numbers or switched on DND in the past from future SMS campaign communications to reduce wasteful spending. You can also choose to scrub audiences that have opted out, unsubscribed, or blacklisted your communications to avoid damaging brand reputation.

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Conversion Mapping

Define and track complex audience actions for conversions and other analytics for web and app with RESUL's custom event tracker. Simply shake your phone to synchronize your brand app with RESUL and map the screens where specific events will be tracked—without IT intervention.

More ways to Power Conversion with Push Notifications
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