Personalized Engagement

Personalize communications, offers, content, and entire audience journeys based on individual profiles and behavior.

Personalized Engagement Based on User Need

John is a Vision Telecom mobile customer and a frequent overseas business traveller.

“I’m spending too much on my phone bills when I’m overseas. I should check out some affordable international data plans.”

John just got back from an overseas business trip when he receives an email from Vision Telecom.

John opens the link to browse some international roaming plans but doesn’t purchase any.

A week before his next trip, he receives a SMS to download the Vision Telecom app to enjoy a discount.

John immediately clicks on the link to download the app and signs up for a plan for his destination.

Upon landing, he switches on the roaming plan to enjoy instant internet connection.

He receives an app notification to rate his experience. He gives it five stars.

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