The Omnichannel Rules Engine

Contextualize real-time interactions and deliver seamless
audience journeys with the omnichannel rules engine.

What is it?

The RESUL Omnichannel Rules Engine is a real-time decision engine governing the type, frequency, and response for every interaction across touch points.

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How does it work?

After detecting and processing complex events you have mapped out from all integrated data sources, channels, and endpoints, the engine identifies and prioritizes the communication rules to execute based on a variety of factors.

Omnichannel Rules Engine - Audience Type

Audience type

Omnichannel Rules Engine - Frequency and Lifetime Caps

Frequency and lifetime caps

Omnichannel Rules Engine - Relevant Rules and Conditions

Relevant rules and conditions

Omnichannel Rules Engine - ML Derived Individual Audience Propensities

ML-derived individual audience propensities

Omnichannel Rules Engine - Rule priority

Rule priority

Once the engine has identified the rules, extracted the dynamic list and contextually prepared the content, it delivers the content according to your audience members' individual propensities around channel, time, offer, and content.

The engine also automatically initiates data synchronization at every touch point to identify all individuals and enrich their profiles, ensuring the relevance of their omnichannel experience—whatever the touch point, always in real time.

The RESUL Omnichannel Rules Engine in action

Jake gets an email from Vision Bank with a personal loan offer.

Email personal loan offer Use case

He clicks to see the offer but navigates to browse the auto loan section. He starts filling the application form.

Starts filling the application Use case

However, he closes the page without completing the form.

Closes the page without completing Use case

Two days later, at an ATM. Jake sees an on-screen notification to complete his auto loan application. He clicks to receive the application form via SMS.

Clicks to receive the application form via SMS Use case

He receives an SMS with a smart link to a partially completed form and continues his loan application.

Receives an SMS with a smart link Use case

He completes the application for his loan.

Completes the application Use case

Shortly after, Jake receives a confirmation email on the successful submission of his loan application.

Receives a confirmation email Use case
The Omnichannel Rules Engine impact

Boost Marketing impact and ROI

Optimize when, where, and how you engage your audience with rules regarding communication frequency, channel, type, and more to minimize waste and maximize ROI.

Enhance individual Audience Journeys

Contextualize your responses in real time according to rules around transactions, lifecycle events, personas, propensities, and more to truly individualize your audience members' journeys.

Extend Seamless Conversations

Apply engagement rules governing communication responses and next-best actions to continue and deepen conversations with your audience.

Activate your Omnichannel Marketing Transformation with RESUL.

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