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  • Real-time Customer Engagement

    Nearly 90% of travel executives believe customization and real-time delivery will create a major competitive advantage.

  • Fragmented Customer View

    83% of travel executives believe capturing and understanding digital identities will reveal opportunities for unmet customer needs.

  • Personalized Customer Experiences

    Customers are 69% more loyal to travel companies that personalize their online/offline experiences.

Solutions Tailored to the Travel Industry
  • Audience Data Platform

  • Customer Engagement

  • Conversion Attribution

Audience Data Platform

Customer Engagement

Conversion Attribution

Audience Data Platform

Create a single view of your audience members by integrating data from all sources—booking systems, web, mobile app, call center, OTA, offline travel agent systems, social media, ad platforms, CRMs, and more.

Target communications precisely by identifying distinct traveler personas—the frequent flyer, the budget international tourist, the corporate traveler, the deal seeker, and more.

Craft multi-dimensional target audiences with RESUL’s advanced segmentation module based on a variety of attributes, rules, and methods.

Discover future customers with AI-driven look-alike targeting, which identifies new potential audiences based on existing target segments.

Safeguard the privacy of consumer data with RESUL’s multiple layers of robust protections. Maintain the integrity of business unit databases by keeping storage at the account level. RESUL is accredited by the Privacy Shields Framework and is HIPAA/GDPR/CCPA-compliant.

Customer Engagement

Engage Customers Across Journeys

Engage individuals across their entire customer journeys—from inspiration, research, and booking to stay/transit, post travel, and loyalty—with seamless, tailored communication across touch points, channels, and devices.

Track Individual Journeys

Deliver targeted social and search ads based on precise segments, real-time behavior, and relevant conditions. Enhance communications with the RESUL Smart Link to identify returning prospects and track their omnichannel journey to conversion.

Trigger Communication

Trigger communications about VIP lounges, best shopping deals, destinations, relevant hotel services, and more based on the real-time journey, past travels, loyalty status, and individual profiles.

Deliver Customer Delight

Keep your customers delighted with tailored in-flight entertainment content based on past consumption patterns and preferences.

Just-in-time Notifications

Facilitate automated check-ins and stay processing. Deliver just-in-time notifications on flight delays, local weather fluctuations, and more to eliminate disruptions in your customers’ travel experiences.

Capture Real-time Feedback

Get real-time feedback from your customers during travel by deploying a survey to their mobile apps.

Drive Cross/Upsell Campaigns

Drive conversions with special discounts on low-capacity days. Boost cross-sell/upsell from loyal customers through personalized deals and value-added services with RESUL’s real-time offer and next-best recommendation capabilities.

Conversion Attribution

With precise single- and multi-touch attribution, pinpoint conversions and measure revenue contributions at the segment-of-one level. Tap into complete insights on your ROI to evaluate it at seven levels: campaign, individual audience, brand or product roll-up, offer, channel, location, and last-mile associates.


Individual Audience

Brand or Product roll up




Last-mile Associates

Configure RESUL to assess the critical marketing performance measures. With RESUL’s Smart Duo embedded in communications and digital properties, you can explore deeper insights including:

  • Look-to-book Ratio/Booking Ratio
  • Cost Per Booking
  • Lifetime Value
  • Cost per Repeat Purchase
  • Upsell Rate
  • Cross-sell Rate
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Business traveler

Age 28, Single

Steve, a frequent Business traveler, chooses to stay at a Vision Hotel during a business trip to Tokyo.

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Airlines flyer

Age 35, Married

Mike is a frequent Vision Airlines flyer and a loyalty rewards program member.

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