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  • Bridging the Data Silos

    52% of companies struggle to unify data scattered across different parts of their organization.

  • Personalized, Real-time Interactions

    Effective personalization can increase store revenues by 20 to 30%.

  • Balancing Privacy and Pervasiveness

    83% say they are willing to provide their personal data in exchange for great experiences.

Solutions Tailored to the Retail Industry
Customer Engagement

Customer Journey

Deliver consistent experiences and messages across the entire journey—discovery, inspiration, purchase, and retention—regardless of channel or device.

Smart Link

Deliver targeted social media ads to exactly the right audience with the Smart Link. Get their attention and track their journeys from the first click and beyond.

Omnichannel Rules Engine

Continue to engage and convert shoppers with RESUL's Omnichannel Rules Engine. Personalize follow-up communications after product inquiry, cart abandonment, pre-launch previews, and more. Deliver them on the perfect channel at the ideal time.

Seamless Onboarding

Deliver timely reminders after purchase to connect your customer with support centers or to share product and service information for a seamless onboarding experience.


Trigger geolocation or vicinity-based mobile notifications to command your customers’ attention on the move and boost brick-and-mortar footfall.

Next-best Product

Facilitate cross/upsell with individualized product recommendations based on multiple parameters with RESUL's next-best product and real-time offer capabilities. Retarget shoppers with progressively more appealing, conversion-focused communications.

Continuous Engagement

Become part of your customers’ new lifestyles and cultivate loyalty by engaging them in relevant, continuous conversations across emerging channels like voice assistants, chatbots, and IoT devices.

Conversion Attribution

With precise single- and multi-touch attribution, pinpoint conversions and measure revenue contributions at the segment-of-one level. Tap into complete insights on ROI at seven levels: campaign, individual audience, brand or product roll-up,  offer, channel attribution,  location, and last-mile associates.


Individual Audience

Brand or Product roll up




Last-mile Associates

Configure RESUL to assess the marketing performance dimensions that matter most. With the Smart Duo embedded in communications and digital properties, you can gain deeper insights, including:

  • Online/Offline Conversion Rates
  • Loyalty Program Participation
  • Lifetime Value
  • Purchase Frequency, Recency, and Value
  • Sales per Unique Customer
  • Profit and ROI per Transaction
  • Product Propensities for Each Merchant Type
  • Repeat Purchases
  • Click-to-purchase Rate
  • Buy Online/Pickup Instore
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Retention and Loyalty Rate
Creating Customer Engagement that Counts
Matt Sean Icon


Tech connoisseur

Age 28, single

Matt always has the newest tech 'toys.'  A Vision Electronics customer, he owns one of the brand's high-resolution display smartphones.

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Sam Olivia Icon



Age 23, single

Olivia, a fashionista and Vision Cosmetics customer, uses her voice assistant frequently to order makeup online.

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