Audience Identity Resolution

Stitch together your customer’s fragmented digital identities from across touch points and data sources to recognize the omnichannel consumer.

Be Device and Channel-agnostic

Identify every consumer with a singular identifier, whatever the device or channel, at all times. This paves the way for our DelphAI engine to not only detect your audience across touch points, but determine, in real time, the best interactions to facilitate seamless individual journeys.

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Differentiate between Unknown and Known Audiences

Separate unknown from known audiences in real time, whatever the touch point. The moment a visitor clicks on the Smart Link, RESUL matches some of the visitor’s attributes against your database to check for past interaction, preparing you to contextualize engagement on their arrival at the destination.

Audience Profile - Channel Agnostic
Audience Profile - Known and Unknown Audiencesc

Achieve a Single Audience Profile

Illuminate the individual consumer behind the multiple identities across touchpoints and data sources—all thanks to RESUL’s powerful identity resolution capability.

Our unique identification algorithm acts as an engine, applying advanced strategies to match the attributes of every visitor against your database to reveal whether they are an existing audience member.

RESUL augments the profiles of these existing audience members with new attributes from the interaction, while for a first-time visitor a unique identifier is created—all in real time. Our proprietary matching mechanism then locates common identifiers, whatever the data source, and, intelligently scores them to merge fragmented identities into a single, omnichannel audience profile.

The RESUL impact

Resolve Audience Identities across your Enterprise

Maintain audience profiles at the tenant, line of business, and business unit levels to prevent exposure. Leverage RESUL’s metadata layer to identify common attributes and enable enterprise-wide identity resolution.

Distill Valuable Data from Emerging Channels

RESUL extends audience resolution to new channels like voice assistants and IoT devices to help you harness all the insights available for omnichannel personalization.

Facilitate Continuous Omnichannel Engagement

Turn scattered attributes into unified audience identities for maximum marketing impact and ROI. Facilitate omnichannel handoffs based on complex business rules and visitor traits to continue audience journeys through the best touch points.

Reach new Targeting depths

Move towards truly individualized targeting by digging past demographics, transactions, and campaign responses to unearth deeper behavioral patterns and attributes.

Get a complete View of the Audience Journey

Easily map out every customer journey as it evolves in real time. Dissect interactions, detect potential intent, and attribute revenue contribution at the individual level.

Resolve Identities without Tech Stack disruptions

RESUL handles data integration, deduplication, augmentation, and activation in one platform, helping you achieve audience identity resolution with no additional work needed or disruptions to your existing tech stack.

Say Goodbye to Fragmented Communications.

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