Solution Implementation

Accelerate your business goals and time-to-market with RESUL's expert-driven services and skilled resources.

Setting you Up for Success with RESUL

From understanding your business and technology requirements to devising a tailored implementation plan for optimal performance and more, we configure, set up, and activate RESUL to match and exceed your expectations.

Planning your Implementation

Implementing RESUL begins with our experts developing a tailored, comprehensive implementation roadmap based on an in-depth understanding of your unique business needs, technological requirements, and ecosystem.

Map out data sources, audience attributes, and database schema based on your deployment needs and marketing program

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Determine necessary security compliance preparations

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Finalize the most appropriate solution architecture and environment

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Create a data integration and migration plan

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Implementing the Solution

With your tailored implementation plan in hand, our experts design and develop the solution infrastructure architecture, initiate the data population process, and implement the necessary security configurations. To complete the process, they will conduct rigorous system integration testing to ensure that all desired capabilities are in place and configured according to your specifications.

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Platform Training and Acceptance testing

Our extensive platform training resources and expert-led sessions help ensure all users master the RESUL platform and acquire the necessary certifications. In addition to the training package that's a standard part of your license subscription, you can request additional training to further solidify your team's grasp of the platform.

Prepare for Live Production

Once account setup is complete, our experts work with you to complete the testing process and then initiate the server warmup activities to optimize performance for relevant communication channels, and more. They will also conduct production and non-functional tests to ensure that your system is 100% ready to go live.

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