Next-best Offer

Boost conversions by delivering the best offers to your audience at the right time and place
based on past behavior and real-time insights.

The RESUL impact

Maximize Offer Performance and ROI

By individualizing delivery of relevant offers at the best time and place, RESUL continuously minimizes wasteful marketing spend, improves your conversion rates, sustains customer loyalty, boosts the average value of orders, and accelerates your ROI growth.

Pinpoint your Audience’s Journeys towards Conversion

With the Smart Duo embedded across your touch points, track audience responses in real time, map out individual paths towards conversion, and attribute the ROI impact of every offer.

Activate Powerful Offer Delivery, Wherever and Whenever
Individualized and dynamic offers Icon

Individualized and Dynamic Offers

Always deliver the right offer to your audience. Dynamically determine the right offers for new and returning audiences based on their locations, personas, propensities, look-alike profiles, past actions, real-time behavior, and more.

Geo-fence Offer recommendations

Easily configure your offer recommendations based on audience locations. Create, manage, and execute scalable offer recommendations that can accommodate wider geofence radiuses.

Geo Fence Offer Recommendations Icon
Multi Tiered Offer Recommendations Icon

Multi-tiered Offer recommendations

With cascading offers, RESUL's DelphAI engine studies your audience’s individual responses to initial offers, retargets them with progressively more valuable alternatives, and delivers them through the most optimal channels—boosting engagement and conversion, one level at a time.

Additional Features
Activate your Omnichannel Marketing transformation with RESUL.

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