Boost customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty with individualized experiences that are attributable at the segment-of-one level across the customer life cycle.

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We Understand your Challenges
  • Bridging the data silos Icon

    Bridging the Data Silos

    52% of companies struggle to consolidate data scattered across different parts of their organization.

  • The Race For Better Customer Experiences Icon

    The Race for Better Customer Experiences

    53% of decision makers at insurance firms consider improving customer experience the primary objective for digital transformation.

  • The Shift To Digital Icon

    The Shift to Digital

    Over 60% of all generations now conduct daily transactions online or via mobile apps.

Solutions Tailored to the Insurance Industry
  • Audience Data Platform

  • Customer Engagement

  • Conversion Attribution

Audience Data Platform

Customer Engagement

Conversion Attribution

Audience Data Platform

Ensure a singular, 360° view of your prospects, leads, and policyholders by unifying relevant data from all your channels and sources— website database, sales/customer service CRM, core policy generation systems, and claims systems.

Maximize targeted engagement efforts by automatically unifying your buyer personas across distribution channels—agents, brokers, other intermediaries, and direct-to-customer touch points.

Extend your reach beyond the existing customer base with AI-driven look-alike targeting to find new potential audiences that resemble existing high-value segments.

Create and target precise audiences for your tailored marketing efforts with Resulticks’ advanced segmentation module, which offers access to a wide range of demographic, psychographic, transactional, behavioural, policy, and claims attributes.

Integrate online and offline interaction data to facilitate seamless handoffs, inform agent service with deeper insights, and deliver relevant communications to prospects online.

Safeguard the privacy of consumer data with RESUL's multiple layers of robust protections. Maintain the integrity of business unit database by keeping storage at the account level. RESUL is accredited by the Privacy Shields Framework and is GDPR/HIPA/CCPA-compliant.

Customer engagement

Deliver Consistent Experiences Across Journeys

Deliver consistent experiences and messages throughout the entire journey—from discovery, purchase, and renewal to claim, service query, and loyalty—across all channels and touch points.

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Track each Prospect's Journey

Find the right prospects with targeted search and social ads enhanced with the RESUL Smart Link to track each prospect’s journey from the first touch and beyond.

Empower your Agents and Call Center Associates

Empower agents and call center associates to deliver personalized services and guide leads to the right plans with real-time audience profile and journey insights across channels.

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Drive Cross-sell Campaigns

Uncover life-stage events for policyholders such as marriage, or the birth of a child, to enable relevant cross-selling.

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Retarget your Audience with Real-time offers

Retarget audience members who have dropped out of the buying journey with personalized quotes through low-cost channels to reignite interest using RESUL's real-time offer capabilities.

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Tailored Communications on Real-time Behavior

Orchestrate continuous, AI-enhanced journeys for each active policyholder with tailored communications delivered on the best channel at the best time possible based on real-time behavior, plan updates, price revisions, new product launches, claim advisory, and risk-reduction tips.

Update Claim Status In Real Time Icon

Update Claim status Real-time

Deliver personalized claim status updates to keep your policyholders informed and ensure they can access the services they need.

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Leverage Emerging Touch Points

Leverage emerging touch points like chatbots, IoT devices, and voice assistants to answer common customer queries, trigger timely renewal reminders, and deliver personalized offers for coverage upgrades.

Conversion Attribution

Pinpoint conversions with precise single- and multi-touch attribution and measure revenue contributions at the segment-of-one level. Tap into complete ROI insights at seven levels: campaign, individual audience, brand or product roll-up, offer, channel, location, and last-mile associates.


Individual audience

Brand or Product roll up


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Last-mile Associates

With the RESUL Smart Duo embedded into your communications and digital properties, you can access meaningful metrics and deeper insights, including:

  • Total Premium Generated Per Campaign
  • Top-performing Agents
  • Top-performing Lead Sources
  • Renewal and Retention rates
  • Cost Per Acquisition
  • Total Policy Value per Customer
Creating Customer Engagement that Counts
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Frequent international flyer and Tokyo resident

Age 35, Single

Max, a frequent international flyer and a Tokyo resident, is planning a trip to Europe and is looking up travel insurance plans for his Schengen Visa.

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Health insurance plan customer

Age 28, Married

Dao, a prospective health insurance plan customer, comes across a Vision Insurance ad on a lifestyle magazine.

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