Social Media Marketing

Activate and energize your entire social marketing strategy from a single platform.

Create an Impactful Social presence

Monitor and Act on your Social Media

Track and monitor all responses to your brand, products, and marketing automation campaigns with RESUL's advanced social media capabilities. Dissect and analyze valuable social data to inform strategy, messaging, and tactics for different target audiences.

Enriched Audience Profiles and Interactions

Integrate social media platforms with RESUL to capture audience members' social profiles—with their consent—while ensuring total compliance and data security. Contextualize omnichannel marketing efforts in real time. Use insights captured on social media to ensure communication relevance and move your audience continuously towards conversion.

Actionable, Segment-of-one Analytics and ROI Attribution

Embed the RESUL Smart Link in your social content to capture valuable audience and campaign insights at the point of the click. Determine ROI contributions by specific channels with precise attribution and map out each individual’s journey to conversion across and beyond social media.

Key Capabilities
Custom audience targeting Icon

Custom Audience Targeting

Target specific audience segments to receive relevant posts in their individual social timelines, or promote selected posts to them as sponsored content.

Unified Interface

Manage the posting of brand content with embedded Smart Links on multiple properties across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter simultaneously from one interface. View all scheduled posts in an intuitive calendar view.

Additional Features
Transform Social Media Marketing with RESUL.

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