Audience Engagement Analytics

Focused on ROI and powered by AI and machine learning, RESUL’s integrated engagement insights can optimize, attribute, and elevate your omnichannel communications.

All your Analytics Integrated

By seamlessly connecting to all your data sources—digital channels, CRM, POS, analytics platforms, databases, and more—RESUL gives you easy access to powerful analytics all in one place so you can turn insights into strategies faster than ever.

Predictive analytics
Prescriptive analytics
Actionable Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Access predictions on the potential performance of your target segments, dynamic lists, and campaigns based on past or even ongoing marketing efforts. Utilize content quality insights such as subject line analysis to forecast engagement and deliverability.

Leverage prescriptive, AI-driven recommendations for augmenting audience profiles, and improving your campaign performance.

Precise Attribution and ROI Insights

Understand the when, where, and how of conversions in the context of individual customer journeys with single and multi-touch attribution. With RESUL’s robust ROI measurement capability, dissect returns on investment along seven different dimensions.

  • Campaign

    Discover the ROI of every marketing campaign you have deployed.

  • Channel Icon


    Measure the impact of each channel on revenue growth and identify the best-performing channels for different audiences.

  • Individual Audience

    Know the value and ROI of every customer across interactions and campaigns, from first encounter to conversion to loyalty.

  • Next-best Offer

    Determine which individual offers achieve the highest ROI outcomes.

  • Brand or Product rollup

    Monitor the sales impact and ROI of marketing communications across your brands and product categories.

  • Location

    Tap into just-in-time ROI insights on every location, city, region, and more for your brand.

  • ROI Last Mile Associate Icon

    Last-mile Associate

    Assess the individual ROI of marketing communications for each last-mile associate and partner across your B2B2B or B2B2C network.

Drill down into Engagement Performance

Scrutinize your audience engagement efforts across the organization with granular metrics that go beyond reach, engagement, and conversion. Assess the performance of individual campaigns at the aggregate or the microsegment level. Drill down on channel-specific campaign insights for even more detailed analyses. Tap into detailed analytics on audience journeys, behavior, and sentiments.

Stay updated on the performance of marketing efforts across products, lines of business, and your entire enterprise.

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Generate summary and channel-specific reports on all your omnichannel marketing campaigns.

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Analyze and act on audience sentiments toward your campaigns and brand.

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Monitor organization-wide campaign operations. Optimize spend with AI-driven budgeting insights and cost simulation models.

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Campaign Analytics
Sentiment Analytics
Operations Dashboard and Budgeting Insights
Unlock 360° Audience Insights

In one intuitive report, discover audience members' interests, propensities, personas, lifetime value, and more. Understand how they perceive your brand and act on it. Determine who are the spectators, critics, advocates, and influencers. View the entire timeline of individuals' interactions in a singular view with insights into their referral networks—after securing their consent.

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Discover those Deep Audience Insights you need with RESUL’s Engagement Analytics.

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