QR Codes

From touch to touchless, take your audience's offline journeys online with QR codes.

Effectively Track your Offline Marketing efforts

Bridge the Online/Offline gap

Transition your audience from offline to online touch points using QR codes. Enable seamless audience journeys with QR codes across print ads, packages, posters, pop-up displays, price tags, tickets, and more.

Powerful Audience Identity Resolution

Each RESUL-generated QR code encapsulates a Smart Link, which works with the one-line SDK to identify your offline audience members and contextualize their experiences after the scan based on individual profiles.

Turn Offline Contacts into Prospects and Leads

After facilitating your offline contacts’ seamless transition to the online environment, RESUL captures and augments their profile data, empowering you to transition them into prospects and leads for omnichannel follow-up.

Detailed QR Code Analytics

Unlock channel-specific analytics for your QR code campaigns. Explore key metrics such as reach/engagement/conversion, demographics, total scans, and more. Tap into precise insights on conversion attribution and ROI impact.

Progressive Profiling

Enrich audience profiles in real time with KYC forms associated with QR codes as well as implicit data capturing.

Key Capabilities

KYC forms

Link a know your customer (KYC) form to your QR code to collect key profile details such as name and email address from your audience following the scan.

Pre-filled SMS Messages

Create campaign-specific SMS messages that are pre-filled on your audience’s phones after the scan to drive desired actions and initiate relevant interactions.

Campaign specific SMS messages Icon
Additional Features
Go truly Omnichannel with QR Codes and RESUL.

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