Next-best Experience Management

Optimize every element of customer engagement, at scale, in real-time, and focused on ROI impact.

Next-best Action

Unlock the who, what, when, where, and how of optimized omnichannel, audience-centric engagement.

Personalize Engagement to perfection

Targeting, contextual interactions, entire customer journeys, and entire campaigns. RESUL’s robust AI-driven engine turns your data into insights that helps it identify suitable prospects, fine-tune communications, and refine CX—without manual intervention.

  • All-in-one content integration and management
  • Segment-of-one content personalization
  • Optimize content for omnichannel campaigns

Next-best Content

Show individualized content for your audience, at every step of their omnichannel journey to conversion, loyalty, and beyond.

Tailor Content to keep their Attention

RESUL selects the best assets for your diverse audiences based on their interests, behavior, lifecycle stages, browsing patterns, and more, continuously adjusting the next recommendation based on newly captured insights.

  • Seamless multi-dimension customer journey orchestration
  • Real-time behavior-triggered interactions
  • AI-powered campaign generation

Next-best Offer

Boost conversions by delivering the best offers to your audience at the right time and place based on past behavior and real-time insights.

The Right Offer for the Right Customer

Individualize what offers your customers receive, refine retargeting across channels, and determine ROI impact with precise attribution. RESUL studies your audiences and past campaigns to send nothing but offers that drive purchases.

  • Geo-fenced offer recommendations
  • Behavior-based offer retargeting
  • Easy offer creation and management

Next-best Product

Accelerate revenue growth with individualized product recommendations.

Pair Products and Customers for Faster Sales

Erase confusion from your audience’s digital purchasing journeys. RESUL automatically personalizes product recommendations to accelerate conversion and improve cross-selling and upselling.

  • Quick integration with brand-defined recommendation models
  • At-scale lookalike targeting
  • Delivery optimization for best outcomes

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