Real-Time Audience Engagement Solution

"From any Data source to any Touch point"

RESUL's AI core

Totally integrated, built and proven to scale, RESUL brings together a powerful audience data platform, true omnichannel orchestration, and advanced analytics in one intuitive, flexible solution that delivers measurable business results through individualized, real-time communications.

The Five Pillars of RESUL
Audience Data Platform

RESUL's omnichannel audience data management platform doesn’t just integrate all your data. It is the integrated, scalable engine that transforms, augments, and activates big data to achieve a single, real-time customer view, enable sophisticated segmentation and personalization, and facilitate outcome-driven capabilities across the solution—with all the robust defenses you need.

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Robust Capabilities for Data Activation

Audience Data Management

Unlock an integrated audience data platform to enable data-driven omnichannel transformation

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Audience Identity Resolution

Unify fragmented digital identities across channels and data sources for a single audience profile.

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Audience Segmentation

Sharpen marketing efforts with advanced segmentation and real-time targeting.

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Pure Cloud and Hybrid Deployment

Meet next-level security and scalability needs with unique solution architecture deployment.

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Security and Governance

Enforce total privacy and regulatory compliance with multi-tiered security and robust defenses.

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Real-Time Engagement

Build omnichannel campaigns across dimensions with ease. Create relevant, continuous experiences at scale and in context with AI-powered orchestration. Optimize every interaction and communication in real time to deliver individualized customer journeys from the first encounter to conversion and beyond.

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Intuitive Tools for Impactful Engagement

Template Builder

Build and manage detailed creatives across channels.

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Ensure relevance across touchpoints with powerful personalization capabilities for true individualization.

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Marketing Planner

Map out and view all your past, ongoing, and future campaigns with our intuitive planner.

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AI and Deep Analytics

From segmentation to individual audience propensity scoring, customer journey mapping, and beyond, RESUL leverages AI and machine learning to optimize outcomes, attribute marketing efforts, and deliver in-depth analytics.

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Comprehensive Analytics for Marketing Transformation

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Audience Engagement Analytics

Elevate omnichannel audience engagement with comprehensive insights.

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Command a single view of key metrics from all campaigns.

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Campaign Analytics

Dive into everything you need to know about every campaign.

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Audience Analytics 360

Know your customers and their journeys at the segment-of-one level.

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Operations Dashboard

Stay updated on campaign operations across your organization.

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Next-best Experience Management

Optimize every facet of your omnichannel audience engagement efforts with RESUL’s AI-driven recommendation engine. Deliver the best marketing communications, customer journeys, offers, content, and product recommendations that are personalized at scale and contextualized in real time.

Comprehensive Analytics for Marketing Transformation

Next-best Action

Unlock the who, what, when, where, and how of optimal omnichannel audience engagement.

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Next-best Content

Deliver individualized content to your audience members, at every step of their omnichannel journey to conversion, loyalty, and beyond.

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Next-best Offer

Boost conversions by delivering the best offers to your audience at the right time and place based on past behavior and real-time insights.

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Next-best Product

Accelerate revenue growth with individualized product recommendations.

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Multilevel Account Hierarchy

RESUL's multilevel account hierarchy setup empowers everyone across the enterprise with relevant audience data, a singular customer view, access governance, and real-time insights.

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Enabling Transformation for All Businesses

All Business Sizes

Whether you are a startup, a SMB, or an enterprise, RESUL has the capabilities and customizable solution packages to meet your exact needs

Multiple Business Units

Manage multiple business units and brands in one instance and measure their marketing efforts separately or as a whole, while sharing a unified audience view across the network.

All Business Types

RESUL is the first solution to solve the complex marketing challenges of B2B, B2C, B2B2B, and B2B2C organizations alike.

Network-wide Analytics and Insights rollup

Monitor the campaign activities and performances of each B2B2B or B2B2C partner, all while governing their data access privileges for segmentation, orchestration, and viewing.

Security and Privacy

Protect privacy with segregated database for each partner or business unit and powerful data security measures.

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Experience the Resulticks difference

Named to the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs only 24 months after launch and for the past four years in a row, Resulticks has been powering explosive growth for some of the world’s most recognizable brands ever since.

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What sets RESUL apart

Data-driven and Outcome-focused

Grounded in data, powered by AI and blockchain technology, and enabled by advanced analytics, RESUL takes your audience—known and unknown—on an uninterrupted, evolving, and individualized omnichannel journey from awareness to conversion to brand loyalty, attributing each milestone, online or off, at the segment-of-one level.

Scalable and Flexible for your Exact needs

RESUL was born from real-world experience to overcome the specific challenges of all businesses—across industries and types. With a scalable data and technology foundation, a flexible deployment approach, a set of configurable capabilities, and our unique rollup feature, we empower you to combine security, governance, impact, and precision across the board.

Total Security and Compliance

Whether you’re a cloud-first business or a highly regulated enterprise with strict data privacy requirements, RESUL helps you ensure uncompromised security across data, application, system, and infrastructure with its proprietary security architecture and global certifications.

Holistic Digital Transformation Solution

Say goodbye to modular/patched up offerings and point solutions. Say hello to real transformation in action. A truly holistic and integrated solution, RESUL is built from the ground up with scalable data foundation, security architecture, as well as analytical and prediction capabilities to help you orchestrate, coordinate, optimize, and analyze every marketing effort seamlessly.

Scaling up with RESUL


Customer accounts


Communications per week


Real-Time transactions processed per hour


Events processed per hour

Power your Transformation and Growth with RESUL.

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