Next-best Action

Unlock the who, what, when, where, and how of optimized omnichannel, audience-centric engagement.

The RESUL impact

Put Data to the Best use

Leverage the power of data to produce next-best action suggestions that amplify the results of your marketing efforts. Forecast lead conversion by identifying potential prospects and moving them effectively towards conversion.

Deepen your Personalization Efforts

With the help of AI and ML, intensify your personalization capabilities with every move the customer makes. Refine your targeting with continuous data refinement and approach customers with segment-of-one action recommendations to enhance their unique experiences.

Accelerate Conversion and Loyalty

Nurture your leads by identifying potential pitfalls in their journeys and taking alternative actions most likely to produce maximum conversion. Reduce attrition, minimize communication fatigue, ensure marketing impact, and sustain loyalty with recommendations that interest each individual.

Identify Optimal Customer Journeys

Over time, RESUL can generate customer journeys that are optimized for each of your diverse campaigns. It combines factors such as marketing objectives, channel/time/content/offer propensities, and more to minimize waste and deliver resonant experiences.

Maximize ROI without extra burden

Automate once time-consuming customer engagement activities to decrease your team's workload and operational time lag. Streamline the orchestration of powerful campaigns and audience journeys with less costs and greater impact.

Key Capabilities
Orchestrate Individualized Multi Dimension Audience Journeys Icon

Orchestrate Individualized Multi-dimension Audience Journeys

RESUL's multi-dimension campaign capability dynamically orchestrates audience journeys across the most relevant sets of touchpoints based on individual responses and propensities to maximize engagement and conversion. 

Contextualize Omnichannel Engagement in Real-time

The Omnichannel Rules Engine processes complex events across data sources and channels, identifying and prioritizing communication rules for execution to contextualize engagement based on audience behavior, relevant conditions, and much more—at scale and with unparalleled speed.

Contextualize Omnichannel Engagement In Real Time Icon
Unlock Ai Powered Orchestration Icon

Unlock AI-powered Orchestration

With AI-powered orchestration, automate the creation of entire omnichannel journeys and their target segments based on past performance, key occasions, benchmarks, campaign goals, individual preferences, and more. RESUL's algorithms continuously improve ROI with data harnessed from all your touchpoints, campaigns, and communications.

Activate your Omnichannel Marketing transformation with RESUL.

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