Paid Media Marketing

Maximize the value created by paid media with true data, detailed analytics, and a deep inside view of the full audience journey.

Optimize your Paid Placements Strategically
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Count on the Real Clicks and Conversions

The RESUL Smart Link gives you an accurate, unambiguous view of traffic generated by paid ads so you can assess and optimize campaign performance in real time.

Precise Identity Resolution and Attribution

Identify every individual who interacts with your ads, track their journeys from paid media to other digital touch points, and unlock single- and multi-touch attribution insights at the segment-of-one level.

Transform Paid Media Marketing with the B2P2C exchange

With RESUL's business-to-publisher-to-consumer (B2P2C) exchange, brands can bypass monopolized ad exchanges to:

  • Connect directly with the ad inventories of publishers
  • Boost conversions with more contextual ad targeting
  • Gain more visibility on, and control over, the audiences for ad campaigns
  • Improve customer experience and conversion with relevant, personalized ad delivery
  • Increase CTR compensation for publishers by boosting their performances

Key Capabilities
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Conversion Attribution

Track audience conversion journeys from paid media to other digital touch points. Tap into ROI insights at the segment-of-one level.

Omnichannel Journey Builder

Design contextual, omnichannel follow-up communications on a drag-and-drop canvas based on your audience members' interactions with paid media campaign to deepen engagement and boost conversion.

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Additional Features
Energize Paid Media Performance with RESUL.

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