Cloud and Hybrid Deployment

Choose RESUL’s pure cloud deployment for maximum speed and scale, or adopt our industry-only hybrid option for total security and compliance.

Declutter for Impact with Pure Cloud

Brands today often have to struggle with a congested, patched-up Martech stack, constantly trying to coordinate the isolated point solutions and wrest valuable insights—and actual outcomes from them. It is costly, time-consuming, and the opposite of the convenience that a marketing automation solution should deliver. RESUL’s pure cloud solution deployment offers a way out.

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A Singular RESUL Cloud Environment

The pure cloud option declutters your martech stack, keeping all data and the entire platform in a single environment, the RESUL Cloud.

Equipped with an omnichannel rules engine to deliver contextual, real-time communications, the RESUL Cloud handles all of RESUL’s modules—data consolidation and augmentation, segmentation, orchestration, and analytics—to maximize the speed, scale, and impact of your marketing efforts in every way possible.

RESUL integrates with your data sources and channels through API’s, SFTP, and ODBC to continuously consolidate relevant data into a Customer Information Hub (CIH) hosted on the cloud.

The Convenience Pure Cloud provides

Multi-tenanted and entirely cloud-hosted, the pure cloud option streamlines your solution environment and removes the need for additional infrastructure investments. With built-in automatic scaling, it allows RESUL to continuously scale up or down according to your changing needs.

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All RESUL updates are immediately incorporated into the platform, eliminating the necessity of disruptions to your daily operations to enjoy new capabilities and enhancements.

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Go Hybrid like no other Solution

With growing consumer demands for privacy and increasing regulations, the pressure for security and compliance is on. Temporary fixes, patched-up capabilities, and cloud-only solutions won’t cut it.

RESUL delivers that foundational security and regulatory readiness with our one-of-a-kind hybrid option—without losing any of the speed, scale, and diversity of capabilities expected of a truly omnichannel, real-time marketing solution.

The safe universe of our hybrid option consists of two environments:

The Client Environment

RESUL consolidates your audience data into one Customer Information Hub (CIH), a centralized database that is kept either on premises, in a private cloud instance, or in a virtual private cloud. All campaign communications are triggered from the client environment. To enforce complete privacy, all critical audience data attributes remain in the client environment, and are only sent to the RESUL Cloud as hashed values, or anonymized tokens.

The RESUL Cloud Environment

The RESUL Cloud environment contains all modules of the solution, which manages segmentation, campaign orchestration, analysis, and omnichannel delivery using encrypted and tokenized audience data. It also captures and stores audience responses, campaign performance, and attribution data.

The difference Hybrid makes

Stay Compliant and Secure

With PII data secured on premises, the hybrid option facilitates compliance with stringent regulatory frameworks or corporate policies. By protecting data sent to the RESUL Cloud with rigorous hashing and tokenization, it also ensures data security across environments and throughout the omnichannel engagement process.

Unlock ever Deeper Audience Intelligence

In hybrid deployment, the CIH continuously synchronizes valuable data between the environments to keep the latest insights at hand, facilitate relevant engagement, and push you towards a 360° customer view.

The best of Both Worlds

The hybrid option fuses its robust security with the speed of a pure-cloud solution. An omnichannel channel rules engine instance exists in both environments to facilitate contextual audience engagement in real time. Moreover, since the actual RESUL platform is hosted on the RESUL Cloud, you can always stay on the cutting edge with the latest enhancements.

Powerful Defenses, whatever your choice

RESUL acts as your guardian with its multi-layered approach to security, delivering powerful protection at the data, application, system, and infrastructure levels. In hybrid deployment, the RESUL Cloud can only connect to the client environment for data access and transfer via an advanced, site-to-site VPN connection, thus granting additional privacy readiness during transit.

What's best for you, Pure Cloud or Hybrid?

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