Marketing Campaign Analytics

Keep your fingers on the pulse with campaign summary, channel-specific, and sentiment analytics for real-time insights.

Campaign Analytics

Get a concise view of insights that matter. Examine your omnichannel campaign’s performance in one consolidated report that allows you to get multiple perspectives and portlets across dimensions such as time, channel, and more.

Essential Campaign and Audience metrics

Gauge your campaign’s reach, engagement, and conversion in general, by channel, and over time. Gain a wealth of audience insights, including geographic distribution, demographics, brand perception, lead sources, unknown-known breakdown, and the number of new contacts acquired through the campaign.

Performance Snapshot and Actionable Insights

Know how well your campaigns perform based on goal and ROI target. Use machine learning-generated insights to improve campaign performance. Rate and comment on the relevance of the insights so RESUL’s machine learning algorithms can optimize future recommendations.

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Single-touch and Multi-touch Attribution

Pinpoint with and attribute precisely where and how conversions occur. Document the total ROI achieved and the first-last touch split for each channel. With multi-touch attribution, your campaign’s ROI is based not on the last touch point, but on the entire journey toward conversion.

Benchmarking Insights

Measure each campaign’s performance against your brand- and industry-specific benchmarks. Designate your brand’s top-performing campaign as a Golden Campaign for future benchmarking and comparison. RESUL’s machine learning algorithms help you replicate campaign success with actionable prescriptive analytics.

Channel Analytics

From web to SMS to email, voice assistants, and more, dissect your campaign at the channel level with detailed insights.

Tap into Insights that matter most

RESUL presents its advanced analytics in an expansive suite of digestible, intuitive reports. Built-in flexibility allows you to configure custom metrics to personalize points of analysis.

Filter channel-specific metrics by dimensions such as audience segment, period, A/B test and target/control groups, or other specific attributes that matter most to your campaigns.

Relevant Performance Insights and Metrics for Every Channel

Quantify reach, engagement, and conversion for a specific channel across an entire campaign or for the first twenty-four hours. Compare the conversion rate with campaign goal. Assess marketing performance in detail with channel-specific metrics.

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Uncover The Audience Behind Key Interactions Icon
Uncover the Audience behind key Interactions

Know where your audience members are; identify the browser, device, and/or operating system they used when they interacted with you, and pinpoint what types of notifications they received. Dig deeper for insights on the links clicked, events, and more for each individual contact.

In-depth Web and App Analytics

Before and during your campaign, identify the main channel sources of web and app traffic, explore keyword rankings by domain for organic search, and map out all audience journeys as well as key drop-off points across channels. Access valuable insights like app user behavior, most engaged app screens, engagement and conversion by new and returning audiences, average time spent, and more.

Sentiment Analytics

Stay current on how audience members feel about your brand, products, or campaigns with detailed, real-time sentiment analytics.

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Campaign Mentions in a Snapshot

Discover how many mentions your campaign receives and the sentiments they carry. Explore channel-based breakdowns of mentions and perceptions across your campaign duration. Access overall performance insights such as total and average daily post mentions as well as the date and location with the most mentions.

Tap into Audience and Keyword Insights

Know when and where audience members are discussing your campaigns and learn which demographic group respond the most. View what topics and keywords with which your audience most frequently engage, on which channels, and the sentiments they express.

RESUL also locates the top influencers during your campaigns, displays the number of times they post about it, and the main channels they use.

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Act on Responses and Sentiments across Channels

View and engage with mentions across social platforms on a single interface. Recategorize mentions that have been inaccurately classified to improve the accuracy of your sentiment analytics.

Unlock Powerful Audience and Marketing Insights with RESUL.

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