Timely Contextual Communications

Respond to key audience actions and business scenarios in real-time with contextual communications.

Contextual Triggers Based on Search History

Ben, an environmentalist, and a longtime Vision Bank (VB) customer, is looking for a new car online.

“I’ve been driving this car for almost 7 years. It’s time I buy a new one with better fuel-efficiency.”

Ben browses for new cars online.

A notification is triggered on his Vision bank app.

Ben clicks on the link and evaluates the car options offered by Vision’s partner dealers. He decides to purchase a new hybrid model after taking a few test drives.

He starts his car loan application on the Vison bank website but does not complete it.

2 days later he receives an email with the link to the partially filled car loan application form.

He clicks on the link and completes his car loan application.

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