Multilevel account hierarchy

Enable data governance, communication management and reporting that matches your unique organizational hierarchy.

What is it?

Enterprise businesses struggle with a disparate up mess of often patched-up solutions across business units of their organization. It exacerbates data silos, prevents business leaders from getting the insights they need, and limits the potentials for relevant, segment-of-one engagement at the enterprise level.

Built to help enterprises overcome such challenges, RESUL's multilevel account hierarchy capability allows you to streamline your entire organization’s march environment with a single unifying marketing automation solution. It declutters the technology that powers your marketing efforts, all while linking diverse business units to facilitate holistic customer engagement.

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Who is it for?

This unique capability is aimed at enterprise-level companies with a complex structure that consists of different business units, subsidiaries, intermediaries, partners, and more.

What does it deliver?

  • Create an account hierarchy that is specific to your organization, one that benefits everyone within it
  • Ensure security with audience data segregated to each business unit based on your organization structure well as detailed access and role-based permission management
  • Enable individually relevant engagement and unlock cross/upselling opportunities across business units
  • Provide decision makers and marketing teams at each level with the audience and marketing analytics that matter to them
  • Enjoy a streamlined process for sharing insights, campaign recipes, and segmentation criteria
Harness the power of data across your organization

With the option to segregate each entity’s database and RESUL's robust security framework, you will create an organizational data ecosystem that is secure across the board. But that’s not all. RESUL also helps you leverage this ecosystem to maximize the value of data for all entities.

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Augment your database with a continuous stream of new audience data from not just your own integrated sources but campaigns by subsidiaries on lower hierarchical levels. Your Asia headquarters’ marketing efforts, for example, can be optimized with behavioral data captured by all national subsidiaries in the region. In addition, to keep your last-mile associates assured, RESUL does not apply this process to their databases.

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Overcome data isolation without compromising on privacy and regulatory requirements with RESUL's metadata layer. It centralizes data relevant to multiple entities to enable efficient data storage, expedite data access, and offer a singular view of each customer across your organization. Moreover, by tapping into the latest data captured across databases, it helps your subsidiaries avoid sending irrelevant or repetitive communications and execute better cross/upselling efforts.

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Easily define different levels of data access privileges at every entity across all levels of your organization. Utilize simple role-based permission management to configure the right user types and avoid confusions.

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Uncover insights that drive impactful decisions

Whether you are the CMO, the regional marketing director, or a campaign manager, the multi level account hierarchy will deliver the insights you need.

Insights Roll up Icon

Insights roll-up

Insights roll-up

Decision makers across your organization can roll up real-time audience analytics from lower hierarchical levels to get a unified view of key audience and campaign insights such as multi-layered ROI attribution and sentiments. They can also drill down to, for instance, the performances of specific business units or last-mile associates to identify the best-performing entities.

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Insights roll-down

Insights roll-down

Noticed shifts in audience behavior at the regional level? Discovered new personas that are relevant to specific business units? Roll down relevant insights such as these to subsidiaries of your choice to help them broaden their perspectives and optimize their marketing operations with actionable insights.

Activate the right campaigns and segments

It takes precision and coordination to execute successful enterprise-wide marketing efforts. With a range of streamlined sharing and distribution options, RESUL's multi level account hierarchy helps you disseminate campaign recipes, segmentation criteria, content templates, and creatives to the right subsidiaries or the entire organization. It also has an intuitive built-in approval workflow to help you review and approve campaigns in no time. To accommodate further localization, you can choose to grant select subsidiaries the ability to customize the materials received.

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Tackle account hierarchy as an agency

If you are an agency, RESUL lets you manage all of your clients’ individual marketing efforts through a single platform—regardless of their license type—from audience segmentation to creation to reporting and beyond. You can also customize each client’s data hierarchy according to their specifications. Moreover, ensure optimal privacy with no data sharing between separate accounts as well as the multi-layered security RESUL provides.


The RESUL impact

Accommodate Any Business Type Icon

Accommodate any business type

B2B, B2C, B2B2B, or B2B2BC. Whatever your business type, RESUL has the flexibility to create an account hierarchy that not only matches your unique enterprise structure but facilitates all aspects of marketing efforts throughout the business.

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Optimize communication relevance

Continuously optimize what, when, how, and where your subsidiaries engage with their audiences. Help them deliver relevant communications with a unified cross-entity view of the customer, real-time marketing insights, and so much more.

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Ensure unified view of audience and performance

Take the effort out of discovering the marketing metrics and insights that will accelerate your growth. Empower your marketing leaders at all levels with a singular, always evolving view of campaigns and audiences in their domains.

Unlock powerful audience and marketing insights with RESUL.

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