Multilevel Account Hierarchy

Streamline data governance, enhance communication management, and optimize reporting tailored to your unique hierarchy.

Unleash the Power of Data across Enterprise Hierarchies

Businesses, managing multiple brands, and product categories, often face data silos due to disjointed solutions. This restricts the brand’s ability to get an Enterprise-wide view of the customer’s LTV, and his engagement across the spectrum, across multiple product categories, limiting enterprise-level engagement and hindering contextual cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

RESUL's multilevel account hierarchy resolves this by unifying the Enterprise data through streamlined automation, creating a golden record for the customer. This inclusive solution connects diverse elements horizontally and vertically and supports campaign orchestration across brands, product categories, and global, regional, and local hierarchies with role-based access, facilitating a frictionless experience for the customer. 

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Who is it for?

Designed for conglomerates with complex structures, including different business units, subsidiaries, intermediaries, and partners.

What does it deliver?

Transform your organization with RESUL's Multilevel Account Hierarchy—tailor your account structure, ensure secure data access, drive personalized engagement, deliver targeted analytics, and streamline collaborative insights for decision-makers at every level.

  • Create a customized account hierarchy for your organization.
  • Ensure security with segregated audience data and detailed privilege access management.
  • Enable individualized audience engagement and unlock cross-selling opportunities.
  • Provide tailored marketing analytics to decision-makers at each level.
  • Streamline sharing of insights, campaign recipes, and segmentation criteria. 
Fortify your Data Hierarchy with RESUL’s Advanced Framework

Leverage RESUL's robust security framework to create a secure organizational data ecosystem. RESUL’s multilevel framework is designed to ringfence each entity’s data as well as maximize its value across the enterprise. Key features that enhance this capability include:

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Break free from data silos while upholding privacy and regulatory standards using RESUL's metadata layer. This feature enables centralization of pertinent data for multiple entities, streamlining storage and accelerating access. Gain a unified view of each customer across your organization. Harness the power of data which is constantly refreshed and augmented to empower subsidiaries, preventing redundant communications and enhancing cross/upselling strategies.

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Augment your audience data by seamlessly integrating a steady flow of fresh data not only from your primary integrated channels but also from campaigns by subsidiaries at various hierarchical tiers. Elevate the effectiveness of your Regional Headquarters' (RHQs') marketing initiatives by leveraging behavioral insights gathered by subsidiaries within the region, whether it be at the Local Branch, LOB, Brand, or Sub-Brand level. It's important to note that this process is not applicable to the LMA database.

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Effortlessly establish distinct levels of data access privileges for every entity throughout all organizational tiers. Employ straightforward role-based permission management tailored to different user types and authority accurately, mitigating ambiguity.

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Unlock Impactful Insights to Drive informed decisions

Whether you're the CMO, a regional marketing director, or a campaign manager, our multi-level account hierarchy ensures the delivery of the insights you require.

Insights Roll up Icon

Insights Roll-up

Insights Roll-up

Decision makers across your organization can get a rolled up view from lower hierarchical levels of key audience and campaign insights including multi-layered ROI attribution and sentiments. Additionally, they have the flexibility to drill down and examine the performance of specific business units or last-mile associates, facilitating the identification of top-performing entities.

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Cascade Insights

Cascade Insights

Have you observed changes in audience behavior at the regional level? Unearthed new personas that hold relevance for specific business units? Cascade pertinent insights like these to selected subsidiaries, empowering them to broaden their perspectives and optimize marketing operations with actionable insights.

Activate the Right Campaigns and Segments

Executing successful enterprise-wide marketing initiatives demands precision and coordination. RESUL's multi-level account hierarchy, coupled with a variety of streamlined sharing and distribution options, empowers you to disseminate campaign recipes, segmentation criteria, content templates, and creatives effectively— to specific subsidiaries or the entire organization. Our intuitive built-in approval workflow ensures rapid review and approval of campaigns. For added localization flexibility, you can grant select subsidiaries the ability to customize the received materials.

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Tackle Account Hierarchy as an Agency

For agencies, RESUL offers a centralized platform to seamlessly oversee individual marketing endeavors for their clients—irrespective of the license types. From audience segmentation to creation, reporting, and beyond, manage it all through a unified interface. Tailor each client's data hierarchy to their specifications for a personalized touch. Additionally, guarantee optimal privacy with RESUL's multi-layered data security and governance across distinct accounts, enhancing overall data protection.

The RESUL Impact
Accommodate Any Business Type Icon

Accommodate any Business Type

Whether you operate in the B2B, B2C, B2B2B, or B2B2BC space, RESUL offers unparalleled flexibility. With RESUL you can tailor your account hierarchy to seamlessly align with your unique enterprise structure, empowering you to streamline and enhance all facets of your marketing efforts.

Optimize Communication Relevance Icon

Optimize Communication Relevance

Effortlessly refine the timing, content, channels, and audience engagement strategies of your subsidiaries. Empower them to deliver highly relevant communications by providing a unified cross-entity view of the customer, real-time marketing insights, and a plethora of other valuable resources.

Ensure Unified View Of Audience And Performance Icon

Ensure a Unified View of Audience and Performance

Simplify the process of uncovering the marketing metrics and insights crucial for accelerating your growth. Empower marketing leaders at every level with a cohesive and continually evolving view of campaigns and audiences within their domains.

Unlock powerful Audience and Marketing Insights with RESUL.

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