Analytics Operations Dashboard

Track and measure all campaign operations deployed from RESUL organization-wide. Use AI-driven budget insights and cost simulations to optimize marketing spend.

Organization-wide Campaign Operations

At any given time, know how many campaigns your organization has deployed from RESUL and compare them with the average volumes across time periods. Get a breakdown of your campaigns by status, delivery method, and channel.

Explore your campaigns’ target audience size, reach, engagement, and conversion. Filter the insights to examine the performance of specific products, channels, and campaigns. Spot the top campaign and product types based on their respective audience sizes to inform your marketing strategy.

Audience Summary Insights

Get aggregate and channel-specific insights on the potential audience of your scheduled campaigns and the total audience targeted by your event trigger campaigns. Discover how frequently unique audience members are targeted to prevent communication fatigue.

Monitor Platform Usage and Consumption

Stay updated on RESUL utilization with real-time information on how many active, concurrent, live, and inactive users there are on the platform. Access consumption information on the types of audience data stored in RESUL cloud, the number of communications sent from different channels, total Smart Link clicks, average channel-specific campaign costs, and more.

Intuitive and Automatic Budgeting Allocation

Easily allocate your marketing budget with our intuitive interface. Access AI-driven insights and visualizations to simulate future budgets based on your past campaign operations, industry, business type, and country.

Monitor and Measure Operations and Budget Performance with RESUL.

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