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  • Need to Consolidate Data

    54% of bank executives say enhanced customer data collection will require significant effort over the next five years.

  • High Cost of Acquisition

    Banks rank improving customer acquisition and reducing costs among their top priorities.

  • Data Security and Privacy threats

    69% of financial services CEOs feel somewhat or extremely concerned about cyber threats.

Solutions Tailored to the Banking Industry
  • Customer data platform

  • Customer Engagement

  • Conversion Attribution

Customer data platform

Customer Engagement

Conversion Attribution

Customer Data Platform

Overcome data silos and achieve a continuously expanding 360° view of your customers by consolidating data from branches, POS machines, contact centers, ATMs, CRMs, online banking sites, mobile apps, sensors, and all relevant digital channels.

Deliver more precisely targeted customer experiences with different audience persona types, such as the digital native, analog customer, high net worth individual, young professional, and more.

Discover new potential customers with AI-driven look-alike targeting along such attributes as location, transactional history, offer propensities, income, and more.

Build exact target audiences with RESUL’s advanced segmentation module that automatically gathers and derives hyper-valuable metrics—like lifetime value, balance, marital status, loans, individual propensities, and more—from across data sources and campaigns.

Focus retention efforts strategically and sustain long-term revenue growth by identifying your most profitable audience segments.

Ensure the security and privacy of customer data at all times with multiple layers of robust protection and processes. Accredited by the Privacy Shields Framework and GDPR/CCPA-compliant, RESUL maintains the integrity of business unit databases by keeping storage at the account level.

Customer Engagement

Personalize Experiences

Provide a seamless, personalized banking experience every time at every touch point and life-cycle stage, from awareness and consideration to acquisition, servicing, and loyalty.

Track Individual Journeys

Enhance product search ads with the Smart Link to identify individual leads and track their journeys beyond the click.

Send Timely Reminders

Deliver reminders at exactly the right moment to connect both new and established customers with critical touch points such as call centers, chatbots, and more to onboard them seamlessly and support them continuously.

Trigger Contextual Communications

With the RESUL Omnichannel Rules Engine, trigger contextual communications on deposit renewals, credit card limit enhancements, and more using individually relevant channels, or automatically activate channel-swapping to maximize chances for conversion.

Deliver Individualized Offers

Deliver individualized offers based on each customer’s bank product ownership, transactional data, savings, product sentiments, and income for better cross/upsell efforts using RESUL's next-best product and real-time offer capabilities.

Integrate New Channels

Adapt to changing customer habits by incorporating voice assistants, chatbots, and IoT devices into their omnichannel banking journeys.

Conversion Attribution

RESUL provides in-depth insights on your marketing ROI at seven levels: campaign, individual audience, brand or product rollup, offer, channel, location, and last-mile associates.

With precise single- and multi-touch attribution, you can pinpoint conversions and measure revenue contributions at the segment-of-one level to document and improve the ROI of your omnichannel personalization efforts.


Individual Audience

Brand or Product roll up




Last-mile Associates

Configure RESUL to assess the marketing campaigns that matter most. With the Smart Duo embedded into your communications and digital properties, you can explore deep insights such as:

  • Conversion Rates at the Channel and Campaign level
  • Activation and frequency of use
  • Digitally Influenced Sales
  • Cost of Acquisition
  • Total referrals
  • Enrolment, Earn, and Burn on Loyalty programs
  • Retention and Loyalty rates
  • Lifetime Value
  • Frequency, Recency, and Value of purchases
Create Customer Engagement that Counts
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Young health-conscious professional

Age 28, single

Kevin, a fitness enthusiast and loyal Vision Bank (VB) customer, often visits the V Fitness store whenever he is at Grand Mall.

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An environmentalist

Age 43, married with kids

An Environmentalist and longtime Vision Bank (VB) customer, Ben is searching online for a great deal on a new, energy-efficient car.

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