Resulticks partnership types

Find your avenue for growth and opportunity as a technology services provider, reseller, or solution provider with Resulticks.

Partnership types

As you help businesses grow and scale, we help you enhance the effectiveness of your offerings.


Technology partners

Integrate your solution with RESUL

Grow your business through deep integration with the RESUL's technology stack, infrastructure, and embedded components.

Integrate your solution with Resulticks
Cloud partner

Cloud partner

Boost usage by hosting Resulticks on your Cloud computing solutions.

Adtech partners

Adtech partners

Integrate Resulticks with your ad publishing platform to drive revenue growth.

Third-party data partner

Third-party data partner

Drive customer acquisition by enhancing data value for your clients with Resulticks.

Consulting Partners

Consulting partners

Innovate customer engagement for your clients

Expand your strategic offerings and facilitate your clients’ marketing transformation efforts with an integrated, comprehensive solution.


Value-added resellers

Bundle your services with the RESUL platform

Expand your portfolio and profit margins through RESUL license sales as well as through bundled services. Play to your strengths whether in implementation and training, customer engagement services, or creative execution.

Bundle your services with our platform
System implementers

System implementers

Open new revenue streams by gaining expertise in implementing Resulticks for your clients and providing certified training services.

Customer engagement services

Customer engagement services

Provide strategic support to your client's customer engagement efforts with your expertise and Resulticks' comprehensive capabilities.



Orchestrate unique user journeys with Resulticks’ rich mix of campaign types, creation tools, channel line-up, powerful analytics, and attribution insights.



Boost your top-line with RESUL

Boost your revenue with our generous commission structure on the sale of RESUL licenses. Secure a transformative, outcome-driven solution on behalf of your clients. Focus on your areas of greatest impact and profit potential in terms of geographies, markets, or verticals.

Accelerate your growth as a Resulticks partner

Our flexible partnership program has been developed to help you reach your business goals. Sell the complete RESUL omnichannel marketing solution to virtually any business—from SMEs to enterprises—across a wide range of industries. Drive incremental revenue through your own consulting and integrated service offerings.

Explore the services you can deliver


Handle platform setup and channel configuration. Develop infrastructure and integration services and enable access to API libraries.


Undertake data consolidation, cleanup, and clustering. Identify critical attributes that are missing and define hypotheses on their audiences to be tested. Derive data-driven insights and recommendations to elevate your clients’ marketing efforts.


Drive innovative and intuitive interactions with your customers with the help of our expert team by blending your customer data with external forces like weather changes, price fluctuations, buying behavior, market trends, and more.


Develop, execute, monitor, and optimize omnichannel campaign plans with channel mixes, resource allocation, metrics, and more all tailored to your individual clients.


Parlay the performance of the clients' digital campaigns by designing assets for owned, paid, and earned media with the help of pre-built templates or customize them as required.

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Cloud partners
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