Omnichannel marketing automation

Deliver truly omnichannel campaigns and contextual audience journeys with integrated, AI-powered marketing automation.

Engage your audience from every channel

From the first encounter to loyalty, from mobile to physical stores to voice assistants, RESUL allows you to orchestrate and optimize omnichannel campaigns and journeys from a single intuitive interface.

By integrating all your data sources and channels, we can not only deliver a single 360° audience view, but save the time of juggling multiple point solutions so you can focus on crafting and planning impactful omnichannelcampaigns. With a wide array of features at your disposal, you will always be ready to engage your audience and move them towards conversion, whenever and wherever.

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Choose the campaign type that works best

Use single-dimension campaigns for single-wave communications and routine user journeys along pre-designated channel sets.

With multi-dimension campaigns, adjust channels and paths dynamically based on individual audience responses and propensities across various stages of the journey.

Utilize trigger campaigns to initiate relevant communications to audiences created in real time based on their behavior, pre-defined conditions, and brand-specific triggers.

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Craft dynamic omnichannel rich customer journeys

Map out multi-wave omnichannel customer journeys with RESUL's drag-and-drop, state-of-the-art campaign canvas. Determine the exact audience for your campaign, pick out the best channels, and build infinite journey paths. Save your creations for later reuse or select from our library of ready-for-use templates to save time.

Every step of the journey can dynamically adapt to the individual audience member’s behavior for optimal outcomes. This can involve channel or time optimization based on past communications, channel-swapping to ensure engagement, and adjusting follow-up interactions according to audience response as well as user-defined rules

Streamline outcomes-driven experience orchestration with AI

With RESUL's AI-powered orchestration feature, get ready to delight your audience effortlessly with the right experiences at scale and in real time.

With a few clicks, activate the auto-mapping of entire audience journeys based on key occasions, communication goal, benchmarks, and more. RESUL then curates the right mix of attributes based on past campaigns to create the ideal audience and touch point for every communication effort, further contextualizing the journey based on real-time interactions.

Moreover, RESUL's algorithms continuously refine the orchestration of ongoing and future journeys with data collected from campaigns and audience interactions, improving engagement, conversion, and ultimately top-line growth over time.

Contextualize the individual audience journey

Today’s consumers rarely walk a straight line. RESUL's Smart Duo tracks their individual journey across your touch points, collects valuable data from every interaction, and facilitates omnichannel handoffs. RESUL's omnichannel rules engine operates together with the Smart Duo, measuring audience behavior against rules and conditions to contextualize interactions, determine next-best responses, and optimize ongoing audience journeys for maximum ROI impact—all in real time.

Explore Omnichannel Rules Engine
Explore Actionable Campaign Focused Insights Info Icon

Explore actionable campaign-focused insights

Improve campaign mapping with channel suggestions based on the individual propensities and past campaign responses of your chosen audience. Assess and improve your campaigns’ chance for success with reach/engagement/conversion predictions, machine learning-derived recommendations, content quality analysis, and more.

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Speed up campaign reviews with intuitive workflow

Eliminate campaign errors that can result in lost customers and tarnished reputation from the start. Map out a brand-specific approval workflow hierarchy and designate reviewers to receive and evaluate campaign communications for different channels. The reviewers can approve or reject the communications; they can also put the campaign on hold.


Channel-agnostic capabilities

Plan your campaigns effectively with RESUL's advanced features. Your next winning campaign is just a few clicks away.

Template Builder Icon

Template builder

Template builder

Easily build content templates for email, mobile, web notifications, forms, landing pages, and more with ease.

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Individualize communications, journeys, and campaigns across touch points with sophisticated personalization capabilities.

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Next-best management

Next-best management

Optimize contextual actions, offers, content, and product recommendations in real time for maximum impact and growth.

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Marketing planner

Marketing planner

View all your scheduled and in-progress campaigns in a calendar view. Get AI-based recommendations for potential campaigns.

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The RESUL difference

Optimized marketing efficiency and spend

AI-enabled and adaptable to your evolving marketing efforts, RESUL continuously optimizes your omnichannel communications to eliminate waste and maximize ROI over time.

Simplified Orchestration Interface Icon

Simplified orchestration interface

From planning and orchestration to execution, RESUL takes out all the obstacles between you and sophisticated experience orchestration that guarantees impact.

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True omnichannel range

Look beyond mobile, email, web, and social media. Engage in relevant conversations with your audience that continue and evolve across channels.

Maximize potential campaign results with powerful insights

Utilize RESUL's robust mix of actionable insights to tweak every campaign to perfection and ensure its success before launch.

See true omnichannel, real-time marketing automation in action.

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