Data Analytics Dashboard

Keep your finger on the pulse of the marketplace with key metrics on top campaigns, lead generation, and more across your entire enterprise.

Tailor your Dashboard

Customize the dashboard to organize insights the way you want them using our easy drag-and-drop feature. Configure brand-specific metrics to see the most relevant information. Assess campaign results at a macro level or filter them by business unit and specific time period for a more detailed analysis. Dive into mobile and web dashboards for channel-specific audience insights.

Tailor your Dashboard
Campaign Performance at a Glance

Know at once if your omnichannel campaigns achieved, exceeded, or failed to meet their targets. See beyond overall performance results with campaign- and channel-specific reach, engagement, and conversion insights.

Identify the Top hits

See your top-performing and highest-earning campaigns by specified period. Alternatively, identify the poorest performers and lowest earners to make course corrections and boost results.

Gain Lead Generation and ROI Insights

Find out how many leads you have generated in general or from a specific campaign. Pinpoint the channels with the largest lead contributions to inform future decisions. Use trend predictions to determine time periods with the highest campaign ROI potential.

View Audience Behavior Highlights

See the average channel-specific audience conversion times across campaigns. Discover your top advocates, critics, influencers, and spectators. Analyze projected campaign reach rates by day-of-week or time-of-day based on audience behavior.

Unlock Powerful Audience and Marketing Insights with RESUL.

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