Audience Data Management

Integrate, transform, augment, and activate your data with a truly integrated, omnichannel audience data engine built to achieve a unified, real-time customer view.

Bring all your Channels and Systems together in our Powerful CDP

Created to support B2C, B2B, B2B2B and B2B2C businesses alike, RESUL’s powerful audience/customer data management module powers capabilities across the transformative omnichannel solution.

The result? A single, real-time, 360° view of every customer across touch points, campaigns, and business units—the key to outcome-driven individualization.



Integrate all audience data—first-/second-/third-party, structured/unstructured, and bulk/streaming—to establish one unified foundation and enable the continuous synchronization between client data sources and RESUL.

Rely on our streamlined data exchange to ingest data through 100+ out-of-the-box APIs, SFTP, and manual CSV and XML uploads. To integrate any and all of your data sources, RESUL also integrates with custom API connectors.

What’s more, facilitate data consolidation at a new level across your ecosystem with RESUL’s metadata layer, which stores common attributes that exist across businesses.

Harness the Power of All Data

Unify audience data you’ve collected by connecting to all your data sources, including CRM, web analytics, legacy databases, paid media marketing, social media marketing, voice assistants, e-commerce platforms, POS solutions, and much more.

Enhance relevance and security by bringing a hierarchical approach to audience data. RESUL segregates the databases for your global headquarters, regional offices, and business units. Utilize powerful data access governance to manage privileges for segmentation, orchestration, and analytics viewing.

Expand your database even more by tapping into audience data captured across your B2B2B/B2B2C network.

Thanks to RESUL’s B2B2B and B2B2C partner data exchange, you can not only track campaign performance across distribution channels, but enrich your database with real-time interaction and audience data from all your trusted partners and business units. To prevent exposure, RESUL maintains data storage at the account level, while encrypting and hashing all sensitive information to ensure privacy.

Expand your reach and unearth deeper insights with the volume and range that third-party data offers. Integrate with third-party sources like DMPs and data service providers by establishing API connections in no time.



Dedupe, validate, and cleanse all ingested data to ensure its quality. Standardize attribute names so they can be viewed and utilized uniformly across your organization. Map out the multiple identities of every customer to achieve a single, unified profile across touch points and data sources.



Create precise segments from diverse attributes and advanced filters in minutes. Update them in real time to evolve with your growing audience database. Map out complex rules and triggers to select the right audience in real time based on their behavior and relevant scenarios.

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There is no limit to data enrichment. RESUL not only fuses progressive profiling and campaign responses but derives critical attributes to continuously augment your audience data, deepening insights and refining engagement efforts—one omnichannel communication at a time.


RESUL puts audience data to work to enable a wide range of powerful capabilities:

Enjoy the flexibility to view all your audience attributes, classify them, and create new ones to be used in everything from content targeting and detailed reporting to conversion mapping and more. Define the attributes that constitute profile completeness so RESUL’s progressive profiling capability will always capture what you’re looking for.

Build detailed B2B and B2C personas. Configure RESUL’s sophisticated lead scoring mechanism to assess the value of every audience member on multiple dimensions.

Develop the multi-faceted intelligence to enable relevant content targeting, contextualize customer experiences, and facilitate seamless omnichannel journeys.

Know your audience at the segment-of-one level. Grasp their interests, lead scores, personas, interaction timelines—and all the insights you need in one intuitive report.

Laying the Architecture Foundation for your CDP

From data integration to activation, RESUL helps you access all of its robust customer data platform, omnichannel marketing automation, and analytics capabilities through flexible platform architecture options. While RESUL’s pure cloud architecture option reduces spend and optimizes scalability, our one-of-a-kind hybrid architecture deployment option surpasses all existing offerings to achieve total security and regulatory compliance.

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What The RESUL CDP Delivers
What The RESUL CDP Delivers

50Mil. Customer Records Uploaded in 30 Minutes

6X Faster Than Any Other Platform

#1 Smartphone



Data Attributes
Per Record

Major Private
Bank In India



Data Attributes
Per Record

Large General Insurance Company



Data Attributes
Per Record

The RESUL Impact
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Power Limitless Growth with Exceptional Scalability

RESUL’s powerful customer data platfrom layer was built from the ground up to auto-scale based on usage and enhance all platform capabilities, thus helping you achieve even greater business outcomes.

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Overcome Fragmented Audience Identities

Achieve a 360° view of the individual customer to recognize them at all times, coordinate omnichannel engagement efforts, and minimize response delay.

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Capture Audience Intelligence Progressively

Augment what you know about your audience with minimal manual intervention.

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The Rigorous Defense you Need

RESUL provides robust protections for data, application, system, and infrastructure to offer you robust security and regulatory compliance.

Unlock Actionable Insights with RESUL’s Advanced Analytics.

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