Connected Experiences for

Real-time Audience Engagement

Why Connected Experiences Matter
Connected Experiences for Your Audience

Single End-to-End Solution

RESUL’s foundational elements—an industry-leading CDP, intuitive journey orchestration, and robust analytics powered by edge serverless technology—enable connected experiences across online and offline worlds through QR codes, digital assistants, and IoT touch points, places that other solutions just can’t reach.

Performance-Enhancing Technologies

Our connections with leading service providers offer intelligent solutions from edge to the cloud. As part of cutting-edge technology initiatives such as the Qualcomm Smart Cities Accelerator Program, we focus on harnessing the power of IoT devices beyond the conventional beacons and sensors to create innovative Smart Connected retail and banking spaces, stadiums, theme parks, and other enriched space for diverse sectors.

Expanded Technologies for Greater Efficiency
What Drives Connected Experiences

This concept refers to the inherent time delay or response time within a system or technology that occurs in its default or "native" state, without any additional optimization or external influences. It is the natural, unaltered time it takes for a system to process and deliver a result, typically measured in milliseconds.

RESUL 5.0 supports a diversity of IoT devices such as smart devices, smart billboards, facial recognition technologies, beacons, sensors, connected automobiles, and more.

When RESUL 5.0’s backend infrastructure is described as “edge” and “serverless”, it means that the technology

  • Handle processing directly at the end customer’s devices and through with edge points of presence—established at different global regions and near the individual’s device to minimize delays. Edge is used to securely cache content and images as well as data that triggers contextual events, complementing RESUL’s proprietary cookie-independent Smart Duo technology in its functionalities.
  • Allows RESUL to utilize the true power of the cloud by easily scaling up or down to accommodate changes in data volumes, thus optimizing the performance of solution processes related to connected experiences. This delivers improved performance, increased scalability, minimized latency, and eliminates the need for manual maintenance.
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