Addressing digital disruptions with AI-driven, real-time customer engagement

In a recent interview with TechGraph, Mani Gopalaratnam, CEO and CTO of Resulticks, shared his insights on the key trends and disruptions at the intersection of advertising, adtech, and marketing. He also delved into the technological innovations and strategic alliances the Resulticks has been building to address gaps in the market.

Despite evident progress in the marketing industry, long-lasting challenges such as siloed data and attribution have persisted. In fact, these challenges are exacerbated by COVID-related disruptions, rapidly changing consumer behavior, and growing demands for self-service. The emergence of point solutions—aimed at tackling very specific pain points in a cluster of critical challenges—tend to end up adding needless complexity to an organization’s techstack and causing significant strains on resources, according to Gopalaratnam.

Gopalaratnam noted that given the growing centrality of AI-driven next best engagement and omnichannel conversations, businesses need to introduce technologies capable of fusing unified data, individualization, and truly omnichannel engagement in a seamless manner. The need to undergo such techstack improvements, however, is intensifying at a time when numerous disruptions are occurring in the advertising and adtech space.

Long dominated by a number of major DSPs that allow the delivery of ads to different touchpoints (e.g., social media, search results), the advertising space is being reconfigured as businesses discover an interest in having control over their own advertising efforts—in the context of cookies’ imminent exit, increasing customer demands for personalized engagement, and enormous pressure to maximize ROI in a struggling economy.

Gopalaratnam then turned to how Resulticks has developed into a fully integrated real-time customer engagement engine with the scale, range, and flexibility to address the myriad challenges of this particular moment. He highlighted the company’s efforts in creating industry-specific use cases and launching products that make such in-demand technologies accessible to smaller organizations. The Smart Duo technology, a key component of both Resulticks’ flagship full-stack solution and then newly launched SmartDX tool, has proven a superior alternative to cookies for many of the company’s clients.

To address ongoing adtech disruptions, Resulticks has solidified alliances with major platforms through, for instance, integrations with Google Ads Data Hub, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Cloud. Such partnerships give Resulticks’ clients access to a rich reservoir of data from Google Data Hubs to achieve sharper targeting and more personalized customer journeys.

Looking ahead, Gopalaratnam shares about plans in enhancing the solution’s real-time engagement capabilities and designing more industry-focused models. He also mentioned an upcoming co-creation framework that will allow partners to build solutions with Resulticks as the foundation.

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