Resulticks Presents Strategies on Brand-Customer Value Creation at DMFS Midwest Summit 2023

On October 1 and 2, the 13th Annual Digital Marketing for Financial Services Midwest Summit took place in Chicago, bringing together industry influencers, major business leaders, and technology experts to exchange the latest insights and best practices in the BFSI industry.

The conference featured speakers from North America’s top banks, credit unions, insurers, investment banks, and fintech companies including J. P. Morgan Chase, Prudential Financial, Monex, Northern Trust Asset Management, Capital One, and many more.

Day one focused on the bigger picture of BFSI Marketing in 2023 and beyond. Experts shared their best practices and innovative strategies for brands, covering topics such as composable martech, small-business banking, purpose-driven businesses, hyper personalization, and CX measurement. Furthermore, the conference’s C-suite panels and seasoned industry experts shared their personal experiences redefining customer engagement for their organizations.

Day two offered a greater focus on brand storytelling, skill acquisition, marketing-sales partnerships, and social media and multi-media marketing. The panel also discussed the much-hyped role of Generative AI in financial services marketing and shared essential tips on using it effectively to create targeted, personalized customer experiences. The conference concluded with a keynote on the impact of multi-media content on top-line growth.

During the session, “An I for an I: Invest in Your Customers and They Will Invest in You” Mani Gopalaratnam, Resulticks CTO, made a case for banks to strengthen their value propositions by achieving effective data stewardship and value-added customer journeys.
He emphasized the mutually benefiting nature of value creation for BFSI organizations, with brands prizing return on investment (ROI) and consumers prioritizing return on interactions. According to Gopalaratnam, it is imperative to create end-to-end customer experiences that foster long-term loyalty instead of one-time exchanges. He then walked attendees through how to achieve this using various types of data and interventions across different stages of the customer lifecycle.

Gopalaratnam commented, “The DMFS conference was a wonderful opportunity to be inspired by forward-looking peers build strategic alliances with our North American colleagues. As Resulticks continues to grow by leaps and bounds in the region, we are focused on constantly evolving our technologies to enable the best possible customer engagement transformations to organizations in the industry.”

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