Ignite USA 2022 showcases vision for transformative partnerships

Held on April 6 and 7, Ignite USA 2022, Resulticks’ online partner conference, saw the participation of business leaders from prospective partners as well as companies such as Qualcomm Technologies, Bounteous, Google Cloud, and Madison Valley.

Ignite USA 2022 marked Resulticks’ further expansion into the US market and its growing partner ecosystem in the country. The two-day conference inspired attendees with sessions that touched on measuring digital transformation success, practical tips for Cloud, the future of CX, as well as exclusive insights on Resulticks’ innovative products and strategies.

This event kicked off on 6th April with a keynote by Qualcomm Technologies CEO Ashok Tipirneni and Resulticks CEO Mani Gopalaratnam. The speakers delved into how Qualcomm is realizing the promise of digital transformation and elevating CX through new-age touch points by collaborating with innovative vendors like Resulticks, which recently joined Qualcomm’s Smart Cities Accelerator Program.

Vivek Bahadur, head of solutions and partner alliances CX and digital marketing services, BFSI at TCS, and Ryan Kosanic, CEO at Covalent Marketing, shared first-hand experience of partnering with Resulticks as well as the myriad opportunities they have unlocked in the process.

In their panel session, “Digital transformation and the measure of success,” Michael C. Seidler, founder and CEO at Madison Alley, and Phil Hollyer, executive chairman at Bounteous, explored best practices for measuring the success of digital transformation initiatives.

In “Cloud insights: Adoption, privacy, and security in practice,” Nirav Sheth, Leader - ISVs and marketplace sales at Google Cloud, tackled the challenges and potentials of cloud. He shed a light on how Google is developing resources and partnerships to help brands enjoy its full potential for next-level CX.

Resulticks co-founder and chairperson Redickaa Subrammanian gave attendees an insider’s look at the birth and ascendency of Resulticks into one of the fastest growing real-time customer engagement solutions providers. The conference also included exclusive sneak peaks and in-depth walkthroughs of Resulticks’ latest products such as SmartDX, Accelerator, Resulticks CDP, and Marketing Star.

Our CEO, Mani Gopalaratnam commented, “This event was a success. Digital evolution requires a focus on continuous improvement, new methods of doing things, and constant collaboration. Ignite USA 2022 has certainly brought this message across. We at Resulticks are committed to empowering our clients and partners alike with cutting-edge solutions and a mutually beneficial ecosystem.”

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