Resulticks CEO leads expert panel at NRF 2019 on how women and tech are transforming retail

Women’s impact on retail took center stage at NRF 2019 retail’s big show—as Resulticks CEO Redickaa Subrammanian anchored a diverse panel of retail experts including Ralph Lauren’s CIO Janet Sherlock; Ali Kriegsman, co-founder and COO of Bulletin; fashion designer and style expert Nicky Hilton, author of 365 Style; and Tony Drockton, founder and chief cheerleader at Hammitt.

Aptly, the panel discussion titled, “The Evolution of Retail: How technology and women are disrupting the way we shop,” was the first of many featured at The Girls’ Lounge, an experiential venue where women connect, collaborate and activate change together.

The session’s panelists zeroed in on some of the most significant retail marketing trends and best practices, including leveraging audience data for individualizing experiences and journeys, bridging the online/offline gap, using data-drive tools to adapt product mix and pricing based on customer insights, and adopting technology that enables the brand to remain customer centric.

Subramanian commented, “It’s exciting to hear how women as leaders and innovators are evolving the way consumers shop and energizing the retail industry with new ideas. The panelists’ emphasis on harnessing the power of technology and using data-driven insights to create highly individualized shopping experiences aligns perfectly with Resulticks approach to omnichannel customer engagement."

In addition to sponsoring the Girls’ Lounge, Resulticks drew considerable attention to its platform capabilities as an exhibitor with interactive demos and one-on-one sessions with attendees. Held this year in New York City, January 12-15, NRF is the world's largest retail gathering of its kind. Attracting more than 36,000 attendees from around the world representing virtually every retail sector and allied industry.

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