Resulticks Promotes Inclusive Work Spaces at International Women’s Day Event

On March 8, woman leaders at some of the most innovative companies across industries gathered at The Whitby Bar at The Whitby Hotel for a wide-ranging conversation on building more inclusive work environments—the theme of Resulticks’ 2024 International Women’s Day Networking Event.

The participants share their experiences with the many challenges of being a woman in professional settings. While older women face barriers in the workplace and are valued less than their younger counterparts, younger women are often not taken seriously. Many have dealt with being interrupted when sharing their opinions. They find themselves caught in an impossible double bind—not self-effacing enough and thus too aggressive, or someone whose disregard is even more justified when you choose to practice humility.

The event’s attendees also explored how women can support each other in workplaces and beyond. They shared first-hand experiences of creating a supportive space for one another, standing up for one’s female peers, and guiding younger colleagues during their climb up the professional ladder. Also discussed was the role women-focused co-ops and internship programs could play in creating more equal employment opportunities for students.

The business world would truly flourish, the attendees agreed, should male professionals embrace their potential role as allies. They can be a part of change by listening to their female peers and actively participating in collaborative efforts towards equitable, inclusive work environments that ultimately empower all.

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