Resulticks tackles customer centricity in Financial Brand webinar with Jim Marous

New York City, NY, Jun 16, 2022 – Over 200 senior marketers and executives from North America’s banking industry gathered for a virtual webinar titled “Bank to the Future: Why customer centricity will fuel growth in 2022 and beyond” presented by Resulticks in association with leading banking outlet The Financial Brand.

Through a thought-provoking dialogue between leading banking and fintech influencer Jim Marous and Resulticks CEO Mani Gopalaratnam, the session, which took place on June 15, brought attendees on a journey into the often murky, but increasingly significant, concept of customer centricity in the banking industry.

Despite talks of centering customer engagement and client relationships among financial institutions, implementing customer-centric practices remains, according to the two experts, largely an aspiration for many. Marous noted that while concepts like personalization and individualization have existed in some form or another since the 1970s, banking organizations still struggle to realize them in concrete, value-generating ways.

Part of the lag stems from a confusion about what customer centricity entails. Gopalaratnam and Marous emphasized the importance of grounding it in the specific needs and dilemmas of a banking organization’s customer base. Both noted that this should be paired with new processes, strategies, and technologies that can keep the organizations up to speed—with both customers and competition.

Gopalaratnam offered a first-hand account of Resulticks’ work in empowering financial and banking institutions to make customer centricity a reality, Specifically, he touched on how the real-time engagement solutions provider has helped these organizations convert the at times vague concept to a set of concrete, scalable mechanisms for CX transformation—all beginning with laying down a robust data foundation.

“It was invigorating to talk to Mr. Marous about why centering the customer is such challenge for the banking sector and what initiatives leaders can embrace to turn it into a growth-creating framework,” said Gopalaratnam. “As Resulticks further expands into the North American market, the responses from our esteemed attendees serve as proof that we are on the right path—of enabling integrated customer-centric audience engagement for future-forward banking businesses.”

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