Resulticks @ ThinkNext 2016

ThinkNext Summer 2016 in India hosted by Microsoft Ventures was held this year at Bengaluru on the 23rd of June, bringing together a significant cache of startups, corporates, investors, VCs as well as the media . Globally celebrating technology innovation and entrepreneurship, this event created a buzz amongst the 600+ participants at the event itself, besides more who were actively involved as part of the event’s online community.

As one of the disruptive entities on show during this prestigious event, Resulticks represented a differentiated offering as a new generation marketing automation SaaS solution, focused on delivering top-line growth through seamless omnichannel customer experiences. The solution and its value proposition garnered huge interest and enquiries from the attending delegates as well as media members.

Resulticks' Customer Development Director, Narayanan Raman, who was at the event says, “Resulticks is a niche offering for CMOs, in the sense that it directly addresses the issue of marketing ROI and increase in sales, through an end-to-end approach comprising data consolidation and analysis, audience profiling, segment-of-one targeting, campaign execution and granular conversion tracking.”

The action-packed event included a keynote session by Nandan Nilekani, former Chairman of UIDAI and Co-founder of Infosys, a ThinkNext Talk by Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman, Microsoft Corporation, India, a ThinkNext debate and startup presentations in the main ring, besides press meets and networking sessions on the sidelines.

Reflecting on Resulticks’ participation at the event, CEO Redicka Subramanian noted, "The ThinkNext event by Microsoft Ventures is an elite forum representing some of the best technology, innovation and entrepreneurial initiatives. It was, therefore an honor for us to have Resulticks, a completely organically developed solution, showcased as a part of this event. The event undoubtedly gives enormous exposure, opportunity and ratification in a sense, for platforms such as ours, with huge aspirations for our own growth through a solution that can maximize growth for other businesses.”

Those who wish to know more about Resulticks can make their enquiries here.

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