Resulticks Toasts to Women’s Day with High Tea Networking Event

On March 8, to honor International Women’s Day, Resutlicks’ Singapore team—including Sneha Subramanian, Head of Marketing, Bani Amrita Bajwa, HR Executive, Arpitha Shivkumar, Marketing Executive, and Rachel Goh, Content Executive—celebrated this special day in style with an intimate high tea event at the Cabana of Moxie Restaurant.

As a company founded and led by women, this event is significant for Resulticks’ ongoing commitment to sparking conversations on breaking gender stereotypes, empowering women at various stages of their careers, and celebrating their remarkable achievements.

This elegant affair brought together female leaders, from executives to C-level executives and managers, who are breaking barriers, challenging norms, and creating positive change in their respective industries. 

The brilliant women that graced the session were Zann Chua, Head of Regional Marketing and Communications at Engie, Karen Ng, Head of Digital Solutions at Engie, Vyvyan Lim, Business Development Manager at Adecco, Natasha Zhao, Managing Partner at QED Changemakers, Caitlyn Ong, Project Lead at QED Changemakers, and Jessie Khin, Manager of Digital Marketing and Fundraising at WWF Singapore

The event kicked off with a delightful canape lunch, providing the perfect backdrop for organic conversations and networking among the attendees. To spark thought-provoking discussions, Resulticks curated a series of questions around the theme of "Inspire Inclusion." The women even enjoyed a round of Bingo, exploring insightful prompts as they dove deeper into the nuances of inclusion in the workplace.

The participants took the stage to share their expertise and experiences. Vyvyan Lim, Business Development Manager at Adecco, highlighted her company’s support for woman employees during maternal leaves and related contingencies.

Zann Chua, Head of Regional Marketing and Communications at Engie, acknowledged the need to empower working mothers. She also touched on balancing long-term projects with maternity leaves, while stressing the importance of speaking up on issues of resource delegation to truly accommodate women’s needs. As the winner of the Bingo game, Chua drew attention to the value of inclusivity and open communication among regional teams.

Jessie Khin, Manager of Digital Marketing and Fundraising at WWF Singapore, inspired the audience with her wise words on exploring their potential as women. She urged women to embrace their true selves and trust their abilities. According to Jessie, when women challenge themselves authentically and pursue their passions, the results and recognition will come in due time. Karen Ng, Head of Digital Solutions at Engie, echoed the sentiments as she shared her experiences navigating a male-dominated industry. In spite of a myriad of stereotypical assumptions and challenges, she stayed true to her beliefs and expertise, breaking barriers along the way.

Amidst all the insightful discussions, there were moments of laughter and shared experiences. Caitlyn Ong, Project lead at QED Changemakers, fondly reminisced about going on coffee runs for her team during her internship days as a woman, adding to the light-heartedness of the event.

The session concluded with a delightful touch, as the women departed with a cherished TWG Tea gift set, a token of appreciation for their valuable time. This High Tea session was a celebration of women's accomplishments and a resounding call for a more inclusive workplace as the Resulticks team aspires to organize many more occasions like this in the future.

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