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Unify Data with Expansive Integration

With 75+ out-of-the-box API connectors, Resulticks’ Customer Data Platform has simplified complex integration to overcome data silos. Easily consolidate data from diverse data warehouses, third-party analytics tools, CRMs, communication channels, and more. Integrate it with your omnichannel orchestration tools to supercharge marketing with in-depth customer insights.

Advanced Segmentation made Intuitive

Our CDP eliminates the struggle with a highly intuitive segmentation interface. It empowers you to craft sophisticated target audiences using diverse attributes and a multitude of segmentation methods. From AI-powered list creation to dynamic, real-time targeting, enhance your targeting prowess with Resulticks.

Audience Identity Resolution and Profile Enrichment

Whatever the channel or device, our Customer Data Platform’s powerful audience identity resolution engine helps you separate known audiences from first-time visitors and pinpoint the identity of every customer. With user-definable deduplication and progressive profiling, it continuously erases redundant data, all while augmenting your audience intelligence for more relevant engagement.

Rigorous Security meets Flexible Deployment

Armed with multilayered protections, Resulticks is GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA-compliant. Optimize scalability with pure cloud deployment. Maximize regulatory compliance with hybrid deployment.

Complete security. Certified.
Deployment Models

Support for pure cloud, hybrid private cloud, and hybrid on-premises deployment options

Resulticks is the only platform that supports hybrid on-premises deployment.

Data Management

Data types supported

Resulticks supports online/offline, structured/semi-structured/unstructured, and first/second/third-party data.

Real-time ingestion


Compliance and certifications

GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, EU-U.S. & Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework-certified, TrustE Privacy-certified

Data security

Resulticks is SOC 1 and SOC 2-certified, SSAE 16/ISAE 3402, SISA-attested, biometric protected data centers with 100% power backup facility. It is also ISO/IEC 27001:2013-certified, and provides multifactor authentication.

Audience identity resolution and deduplication

Resulticks' audience identity resolution capabilities encompass unknown/known audience management, unique identification, and data deduplication/scrubbing.

Delivery of a single, 360° customer view

The platform delivers a complete, individualized customer report with multiple key metrics. It also derives analytics for augmenting customer profiles and improving campaign impact.

Data capture from engagement

Resulticks captures campaign response data and device fingerprints at the individual level.

Data ingestion methods supported

Resulticks has 75+ out-of-the-box data connectors for systems such as CRM, ecommerce, ODBC, CMS, DMP, social media, paid media, and analytics. It also imports data through CSV, manual upload, remote data sources (i.e., SFTP, FTP), XML, and SDK.

Custom APIs

Resulticks provides a streamlined process for the creation of custom APIs to connect to systems not included in our existing API library.

Integration with other martech and adtech platforms

Resulticks can synchronize with such platforms to provide target audiences and enriched audience profiles for performance optimization.


Highly intuitive segmentation interface

Resulticks' user-friendly interface enables the easy selection and tweaking of target segments.

Support for multiple segment creation methods

Resulticks provides multiple target segment types such as static target list, suppression/match list, ad-hoc list, AI/Smart list, seed list, and limit list.

Dynamic real-time targeting enabled by Omnichannel Rules Engine

Resulticks supports the real-time, at-scale delivery of contextual responses across channels based on behavioral triggers and conditions mapped by the user.

Look-alike targeting and goal-based audience generation

Look-alike targeting: Extraction of additional segments similar to existing target lists to maximize reach

Goal-based audience generation: Generation of target audiences based on marketing goals like profile completeness and retention

Lead scoring and persona management

Resulticks enables the user to configure B2B/B2C lead scoring based on multiple criteria. It also allows them to create and manage diverse personas.

Smart list creation

Resulticks provides AI-enabled generation of smart target segments based on user-specified parameters such as ROI.

Continuous segment updates

Resulticks continuously expand existing target segments with new audience data captured from campaigns and integrated sources.


Propensity-based personalization

Resulticks tailors customer experience based on personalization attributes and individual propensity scoring around channel, time, offer, purchasing intent, churn, and more.

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