Getting omnichannel marketing automation right:

How to find the technology that works for you

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An omnichannel marketing automation platform is designed to elevate customer engagement initiatives undertaken by brands. An ideal platform should be a one-stop solution for the brand’s customer data and communication management throughout the customer’s lifecycle.

Companies which have implemented an effective omnichannel marketing automation platform have seen significant improvement in leads and conversion.

However, there are multiple challenges in selecting the right platform. Starting from the plethora of tools available to understanding their functionalities, difference between tools and distinguishing the right tool suitable for each business type, marketers and decision makers have a tough time getting it right.

This webinar addresses all the queries related to getting your marketing technology platform and vendor right the first time.


Mani Gopalaratnam

Chief Technology Officer

Key criteria discussed:

  • How accessible and intuitive is your marketing stack
  • Technology requirements for the right marketing stack
  • Features and functionalities of an ideal platform
  • Implementation support required from the vendor for your martech stack
  • Business support for continuous growth post-implementation

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