The Resulticks Smart Duo: The Smart Link and the one-line SDK

A smart solution to the challenge of omnichannel individualization: Meet the Smart Duo

With more channels, devices, and data than ever, marketers today have to dig through unending streams of data from every direction to identify, engage, and analyze individual customers on their omnichannel journeys. And they need to do so consistently, seamlessly, and always with a personal touch, all while attributing the ROI impact of marketing communications.

To get a single customer view and deliver outcome-driven individualization, marketers don’t have to juggle multiple tools or rely on legacy solutions like cookies. Resulticks’ Smart Duo was built to (known/ unknown) audience identification, cross-channel progressive profiling, individualized engagement, and end-to-end attribution.

Download the whitepaper: The Resulticks Smart Duo: The Smart Link & one-line SDK to:

  • Learn what separates the Smart Duo from other solutions like cookies
  • Discover the transformative benefits it delivers
  • Get an in-depth view of how the Smart Duo works
  • See some innovative use cases it can enable

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