Resulticks and Sprint Asia

Unite to Elevate CX for Indonesian Brands

Resulticks and Sprint Asia Technology, a leading technology infrastructure services provider, announced a strategic partnership at a recent jointly sponsored launch event. Held over 5 days from January 22 to January 26 in Jakarta, Resulticks and Sprint Asia co-hosted an educational roundtable to bring Resulticks’ advanced customer data platform (CDP) technology to the Indonesian marketplace. 

This event marked Resulticks’ further expansion into the Indonesian market and its growing partner ecosystem in the country. Participated by prominent business leaders from Banking, Insurance, Retail, and Healthcare, the five-day conference inspired attendees with in-depth walkthroughs of the RESUL solution. The sessions were intensive, but fruitful—each day we held two roundtables with ten different guests per session. 

This event helped to empower prospective clients and partners alike with cutting-edge solutions and a mutually beneficial ecosystem. Andika Januarianto, Pre-Sales Consultant at Resulticks, and Herbert Hadyanata, Country Manager at Resulticks joined Global Partnerships Leader Prashant Sharma in live demonstrations and conversations centered around the RESUL solution, suggested best industry best practices, and networked with prospective partners.  

Setyo Harsoyo, CEO at PT Sprint Asia Technology delved into how his company can realize the promise of digital transformation and top-line growth, by partnering with innovative customer engagement solution providers like Resulticks.

Harsoyo, noted, "To remain competitive, small, medium, and large-scale businesses must adopt customer data CDP-based systems that respond to rapidly changing business environment where margins are being squeezed, and companies must maximize business process efficiency. Recognizing this, we have partnered with Resulticks to offer its flagship solution. The Resul CDP can help to streamline our clients’ data management processes, deliver world-class customer experiences, and build a healthy bottom line. When utilized correctly, we believe Sprint and Resulticks can increase total revenue by up to 5.7 percent.” 

Redickaa Subrammanian, founder and CEO at Resulticks, also noted on how the partnership event has certainly brought this message across. “This partnership underscores our shared commitment to expedite digital transformation for Indonesian companies,” she said. “Resulticks knows the importance of synergy in realizing the full potential of the business sector in Indonesia. Together with Sprint, which has been developing its business in Indonesia for more than two decades, we can equip brands to face the challenges of a turbulent marketplace and maximize the value of advanced customer engagement technology.” 

In-depth discussions held during the event were centered around RESUL’s core elements: Multilevel Account Hierarchy, facilitating the management of data across all levels of an organization. Audience Data Platform was highlighted as a means to consolidate and augment data from various sources. Real-Time Engagement was emphasized for its ability to construct a holistic view of consumer data in real-time. AI and Deep Analytics help teams to attain precise insights into campaign performance and deliver a more tailored customer experience. Lastly, attention was drawn to the Next Best Experience Management, which is predicated on analyzing customer behavior and propensities to optimize their journey. 

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